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Dear WWE Creative: Are You Taking Dean Ambrose Seriously?

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I can’t help but pose the question, WWE Creative.

Time for a rant.

Dean Ambrose, justifiably so, recently became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion; much to the delight of many within the WWE Universe. But was his title win handed to him as a Band Aid solution to Roman Reignsè recent suspension, or are there concrete plans for him moving forward. It’s been a long time since a majority of the WWE Universe has been on board with a face WWE Champion, and I hate to see Ambrose’s title reign not be taken seriously, and rolled out as a ‘filler’ due to unforeseeable issues.

This past Monday night on RAW, Ambrose was booked (strongly) against The Miz in a Champion versus Champion match. The bout was solid, and both guys performed well. Still, my beef is that the match took place rather early on RAW (not a main event), and as WWE World Champion, Dean Ambrose wasn’t quite prominent, in terms of air time, as a Champion should be on RAW. In fact, all in all, Ambrose has not been as prominent as he should be on either RAW, nor SmackDown since his title win. Sure, Champion versus Champion main evented SmackDown last week, but that almost made the idea of a rematch even weaker, especially since Ambrose and Miz do not currently have any real feud. I mean, Champion versus Champion once headlined Wrestlemania, and on Monday Night RAW it became a filler bout. Doesn’t Ambrose deserve a little more? Doesn’t the main event at Battleground deserve more? Don’t the fans deserve more?

In a Teddy Long-type move, the main event for RAW was a 16-man tag match that pitted American WWE superstars versus international ones. With Team America winning (heck, ya!), the closing of the show seemed highly appropriate, considering it was the Fourth of July. So, I get it Creative.

I guess it’s more than just closing RAW, and more than another weak rematch against The Miz. I understand you have your struggles promoting this Shield Triple Threat match, with Ambrose and Rollins nicely carrying the program on their backs, while a missing Roman Reigns continues his 30-day time of reflection. The more I think about Dean Ambrose as the WWE Champ, the more I wonder if he is holding that belt warm. Will fans be disappointed come Battleground? Will Ambrose’s reign have meant nothing, when it comes to the long haul?

I certainly hope not. He carries the title well, his championship win has united the WWE Universe, for the first time, in a long time, we are all on the same page. Moreover, Ambrose’s Championship reign feels like the WWE higher ups have taken note, and are listening to the fans. A character people can get behind, identify with, support, and get a strong push from the office.

Therefore, here is hoping, WWE Creative, you are taking the Dean Ambrose character, and his championship reign, seriously.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Ambrose is doing well as Champion. He’s been booked strongly and is performing in ring as well as the mic. The WWE has crapped on the Miz for years but these 2 had a great chemistry. If Ambrose loses at Battleground it’s still not the end of him. I still see him holding the trophy for a while longer but I think it’s on it’s way back to Rollins.

  • Fernando Yanmar Narciso

    Three words : ban dirty deeds! That move is a disgrace for both the champion and whoever is receiving it! Not only his finisher but his entire moveset just looks lazy and unimaginative. People only stuck around with ambrose because he isnt roman reigns, as they believe that not getting behind roman reigns could somehow “piss vince off” .

    • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      ok 1.Why ban Dirty Deeds?
      2. his moveset hasnt really change since his days on the indys circuit (even tho WWE has altered and limited his indy moveset a little) …which is Brawler type moveset…everybody cant have (or want) a superkick or a spear
      3. Speaking of unimaginative and lazy moveset…you’ve seen Reigns right?
      4. Vince dont giva fuhq what the fans want..hell if the failed drug test would have never got leaked Reigns would in fact still be champ….

    • Mike

      It’s a good shout out to mick foley, his style
      Is kind of foley like, but more high flying. People like ambrose because he is charismatic, and entertaining and always puts
      On a great match.

    • Trace Harston Hanner

      People have been cheering for Ambrose since he has been in the shield, as has Rollins. They are the more gifted of the 3. This is just like saying that Rollins finisher is ridiculous. I agree with it paying tribute to another wrestler like Mike and Hawk has said. I liked the curb stomp but the pedigree pays tribute to HHH and I like that.

  • Mike

    Of course they are, he needed an opponent, and that was miz, he’s beat him twice now. I don’t see how it’s majorly different,
    Reigns wasn’t hugely involved in raw during his reign as champ. They’re giving everyone air time. Not overloading air time onto one or two guys. People say ambrose is only champ Because of the drug test, I don’t think that’s true I don’t think wwe knew until after battleground. Firstly if they did, and ambrose was just a token champ, why not just leave it on Rollins, also would they of made the triple threat and had Reigns on raw if they already knew, and thirdly no way they would of kept that quiet for three hours let
    Alone three days.

    • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      i read that they knew prior to MITB…

      • Mike

        Even if they did, Rollins could of still
        Kept the title if they weren’t sure on ambrose.

        • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

          I definitely agree
          i think they should have had Rollins interfere in the MITB match with Reigns tryin to stop him…miscommunication between Reigns and Ambrose and he hits dirty deeds on Reigns while Rollins hits the pedigree on Ambrose costing him the match…Rollins still wins clean and after celebrating Ambrose comes out destroys both men…the Lunatic finally shows up (lol Moxley comes out a little bit) and dirty deeds to Rollins thru both announce tables…dirty deeds on Reigns on the steel steps (twice!) and end the show with Ambrose holding the title up…next night they say Reigns will be out from the injuries he received at MITB…lol at least 30 days…so they announce for SSlam the Shield Triple Threat and at BG Ambrose v Rollins for the title with Reigns as special ref….THATS HOW THEY SHOULD HAVE DID IT

          • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #???

            Book it now…oh wait lol

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Great article. I can’t see WWE putting the belt right back on BumMan at least not yet. I like Ambrose he reminds me of Brian Pillman but it seems as if he doesn’t fit Vince’s vision of a champion. I honestly see him heading down the same path as Dolph Ziggler which imo is sad

    • Dorathy

      I agree too. But I love the guy. SO awesome to watch. Just some him at a house show. He’s awesome, but not what brass sees as a top guy. Such a shame if that’s the case. Here’s hoping it’s not. In terms of RR, the weird thing i noticed tonight was that all the merch sellers were wearing his t-shirt (promoting it). Wondering if the WWE will still push him, post suspension. either way, hope Ambrose has the title at least until SS

  • Crazy_Victor

    He will lose the belt at Summerslam, i don’t know against who, Reigns or Rollins.

  • Si Nicholls

    This suspension has come at a great time for Reign’s, Both Rollins and Ambrose mic work is 10x better than his and the inclusion of Styles & Cena for a week gave it something extra, so Seth & Dean can carry the feud until the cheat comes back. As for Ambrose I suspect he is a transitional champ and the belt will go to Rollins next at Battleground and then possibly back to Reigns at Summerslam, depending on if Vince is going to punish Roman or not.

  • MEH

    1 word

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