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Dear WWE Creative … Time To Get Rid Of Fastlane

Wyatt Family
Hey WWE Creative,

‘Dear’ seems so formal, and with weekly letters, I feel we’ve gotten closer somehow.

In all seriousness, I was watching the WWE Network this past weekend, Creative. Feeling sick, I probably spent my entire Sunday watching wrestling matches, documentaries, and I don’t know how many episodes of Table of 3. I also fell upon some Wrestlemania Rewinds. I love these programs, that are exclusive to the Network, which pull in the key players of a specific Wrestlemania match, to chat about it, and bring different perspectives on it. One key message that struck me, was how many wrestlers pointed out the time they had to hype up the first Wrestlemania; the weeks they had to build up a storyline, and fan excitement. Moving on, I watched Ricky “The Dragon Steamboat” talk about his match epic (and one of the best matches, if not THE best match in WWE or Wrestlemania history) with Randy “Macho Man” Savage. He too relayed the buildup and the time they had prior to their WM III match; and for those fans that remember, I sure do, where Savage crushed Steamboat’s larynx, leaving the Dragon out of action for a while, not only helped to hype up the match and story around their IC title bout, it also added some mystery around whether or not Steamboat would be able to compete to his fullest potential. In the end, they blew audiences away. I miss those days sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong Creative, I still do get excited about Wrestlemania; in fact, I’m like a kid at Christmas during this ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ time. Monday Night RAWs and SmackDowns seem that much more on point, more exciting to watch (for the most part), and I love seeing my favorite WWE stars on mainstream media hyping up the event. I get tons of non-wrestling fans, more interested in the WWE this time of year; asking me about Wrestlemania’s lineup, the card, the status of older superstars (they remember), and it is generally a fun time. But nothing beats the build up to Wrestlmanias when I was kid. Maybe it was because I was a kid; or maybe it was because back then, there was a true build up.

Ouch! That may have stung a bit. But seriously Creative, why is there a pay-per-view (PPV) between Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble? Fastlane, which was once the Elimination Chamber, which was once No Way Out, which originally started as In Your House was really just the WWE’s way to up their yearly PPVs, as a response to WCW doing it. WCW is gone. We’ve entered a completely different era in sports entertainment (double fold) since all this has come about. While understandable at the time, things change, times change; and really a PPV in February does more damage than good.

First off, it takes time away from truly building up Wrestlemania. I know that you are struggling this year Creative. I understand a lot of big names are out on injury right now, and you guys (along with Vince, HHH, and Stephanie) are working on some plans to create some solid matches for WM 32. However, we all know the outcome to Fastlane’s main event is going to be Hunter versus Reigns? Couldn’t you just eliminate Fastlane, and do this Triple Threat thing on a RAW? While I’m at it, we all know that Lesnar will most likely go to war with Bray Wyatt on the grandest stage of them all; you teased that at the Royal Rumble. Shouldn’t The Beast Incarnate be more aggravated that the Wyatt Family cost him a chance at the WWE World Heavyweight title? No, because he focused on Fastlane. Divert the seed that was planted in late January, redirect the Wyatts on to Big Show, for no concrete reason (not that anything they do ever makes sense), and wait for Fastlane’s main event for another Lesnar/Wyatt confrontation. It deprives the fans, and our younger generation of fans, the big build up. The big build up we older fans remember. That true anticipation between The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

Then we have the divas division, and it was great to see Brie Bella gain a win over Charlotte on this past edition of RAW. I know there are Bella haters, but what the heck, her sister was in the spotlight for so long, it’s nice to see Brie get a little push. Word has it Creative, that the plan is to have Brie versus Charlotte at Fastlane. Great opportunity for Brie, but from what I also read, the plan is for Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha Banks to have a match at WM 32; which is also great. But once again, I wonder, for storyline purpose, character development, or what have you – why is there a need to start a tease of a feud (at Royal Rumble, between Banks and Charlotte) – divert attention for a mini-feud (between Bella and Charlotte) – only to end up with a Banks/Lynch/Charlotte Triple Threat at Wrestlemania 32? The need is, a divas match at a PPV. Eliminate the PPV, eliminate the need for a match; eliminate the storyline confusion; which would ultimately help to focus on storylines for Wrestlemania 32 moving forward. This will build excitement, and turn Wrestlemania into something it truly is. Plus, a break in PPVs between the Rumble, and WWE’s flagship event might also be a welcome break for fans, as it would create a thirst or hunger for the big event.

To boot WWE Creative, if I recall, RAWs were so much more enticing on the Road to Wrestlemania, and eliminating that February PPV would allow a more organic build up, and any story that was going to be told during Fastlane, can trickle onto WWE programming; which would produce incredible matches for RAW and SmackDown and knockout promos, getting fans genuinely excited for WM, and WWE television.

Fastlane 2016 will go as planned; this letter is food for thought for next year. I know you live in a generation of smarks, where we all know what is going to happen before it happens on WWE programs or PPVs … I get that. But sometimes even when we know what is going to happen, we are still entertained, when a story is told well; built up well; and there is a concrete foundation to go from. Just an idea WWE Creative, something for you and the WWE higher ups to ponder.

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  • The one and only great one

    I totally agree, but FastLane shouldn’t be the only ppv to go. They should get rid of 4 or 6 of them. I say 6 because they can run a ppv every 2 months and that would not only give them time to tell stories and build up feuds like they use to but it’ll also give the wrestlers a much need break. The MITB ppv should be dropped and just put the match back on the WM card.

    • Dorathy

      I agree about cutting down on PPVs in general. I’ve written about this in the past. But i think Feb’s PPV needs to be the first to go. Thanks for reading, and thank you for the comment :)

  • Zack

    I agree whole heartedly. Like you, I was watching some of the old footage this week while sick and oddly enough, I was watching pretty much all Randy Savage matches. The biggest issue with WWE today is over exposure and so the writing team is forced to show us the same storylines and same matches and same fluff just so they’ve got something to fill a time slot. I could probably respond with a long article about this if I didn’t have to leave but I’m glad people like you see things this way. Personally, I think it should go back to the “Big Five” days. King of the Ring, SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania. Add TV specials in between perhaps and drop Raw down to two hours again.

    • Dorathy

      Agreed Zack. Thanks for comment! :)

    • The one and only great one

      Having less ppv’s will make them that more special. I’m ok with Raw being 3 hrs as long as it’s good. The other issue they need to handle is making Smackdown important again like in the attitude era. Smackdown was a continuation of Raw and vise versa. As of now, Smackdown is nothing more than a highlight reel of raw with thrown together matches that really doesn’t continue current storylines & feuds. Changing the amount of ppv’s and Smackdown would surely bring the ratings back up and making WWE must see again.

      • Zack

        See I’m a bit conflicted about Smackdown. I used to love it more than Raw in the early 2000s but things just feel different. The shows have changed but the times have changed just as much if not more. With that in mind, I’d like to see Smackdown as a show for further storyline development. However, if things don’t change and Smackdown continues to resemble “Velocity”, bring it down to one hour so the time slot is forced to be filled with important recaps and entertaining matches. Who knows what’s going to happen to that show ?

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Spot on again Dorathy ! I’m really trying to figure out why don’t you work for WWE creative ?

    • Dorathy

      Thank you! You are too kind … :)

  • Mike

    I personally love a monthly Ppv as I love watching as many as I can. You can build a story up fine and fight across two or three ppvs.

    • Dorathy

      Fair enough! Thanks for the comment

      • Mike

        I do get the point of the article though. Sometimes it does feel all but rushed I agree with that in a way.

  • MEH

    Totally agree and I miss having the big 4 personally. Maybe you’re right and it was because we were kids back in the day anticipating PPV’s especially Wrestlemania, but it was a great time with great stories created and executed. I look back and remember there were a lot of predictable moments but because it was entertaining it was ok. And wow you brought back memories of Savage and The Dragon and Savage attacking him with the bell. That scared me as a kid as I remember my moms friend died from swallowing her tongue and the commentary that night though the Dragon swallowed his tongue.

  • Mean Dean

    It would basically make more sense to have the royal rumble a month before Mania, instead of a meaningless ppv

  • RomieRome81

    If anything bring back SNME an hour or 2 show or the Clashes in February like back in the 80’s and limit PPV to 5 to 6 a year.

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