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Dear WWE Creative … Is It Time For A New Divas Hashtag?

Dear WWE Creative,

Here I am writing you my weekly letter, complaining, yet again, on how you roll out storylines for the women on your roster. Almost a year since #GiveDivasAChance trended worldwide on Twitter, and fans of women’s wrestling let their voices be heard … trying to change the game for the WWE’s divas division, and I wonder if we need a new hashtag. Sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day, I get it, but (to quote The Miz) … really? We have seen a lot things change: more air time, more incredible talent brought up from NXT into the main roster, and we even saw two diva matches at last month’s WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view (PPV). Still, no matter how much things change, it seems, they still stay the same. This past Monday Night proved once again, that you Creative, simply do not know what to do, when it comes to the divas: one segment on Raw (mind you, Lynch’s attack on Charlotte was pretty incredible), no divas match, and no other divas promo or match to follow with different players – other than the two in the title picture race. I feel like we have taken two steps forward with WWE women’s wrestling, only to fall three steps back.

I get it Creative. You may tell me you are scrambling a bit with injuries, there are a lot of them (both on the male and female rosters). Still, you have a lot of healthy female talent, that could really be used right now. I like what you have done with the Social Outcasts, Creative. Time to think out of the box, and allow other female talent to compensate for those divas who are out of action, on injury right now. I adore Paige, and she truly deserves the air time she gets, but while she recovers from her concussion set back, allow Naomi to step in; the same idea can work as well, while her fellow team B.A.D. partner Sasha Banks gets better from her injury too. Natalya (and her fans) are patiently (or maybe, not so patiently) waiting for her in the wings. Why not have her join Team Bella in the interim, while Nikki recovers from her injury. Makes total sense, everyone knows they are friends, you could tie in Total Divas in the mix; the premier is almost one week away. I know that Natalya is face currently, and Brie and Foxy have been playing face as well (flippying and flopping to suit your needs Creative) … but it just may work.

Speaking of flipping and flopping; it’s time you draw the lines in the sands with these female characters. Paige flipped and flopped (and who knows where she will stand when she returns) as it relates to her heel/face status. I complained about that while she was doing it. While I didn’t like Charlotte turning heel, I did like how you turned her; teased it for a bit, then ripped her face status off like a band aid, and there it was done … that was nice. I have to admit, I’m actually liking Charlotte as a heel. Becky Lynch’s current evolution into the top face of the division is also nicely done – however these two women have also solely been given in-ring and promo time to truly develop their characters. So, then we have Team B.A.D. who are heels, and Team Bella who are heels or faces, depending on the situation. Make a concrete decision with these characters, Creative, and move on.

Speaking of heels and faces, I do love the angle where Lynch is ‘standing on her own’, and I love the evolution this character is going through right now. However, she is the only solid face on the female roster. Which is great for Lynch, but once again, I’m confused at how and why this has to be the case? Who is really in charge of the divas, from a creative stand point? Why do all the divas have to be heels, in order to be considered aggressive? Why do all WWE Divas Champs, eventually turn heel? Why can’t a female stable remain together for longer than a few months, and be faces? I look at NXT, and their female roster, and the heel versus face talent is a bit more balanced. Think about how you creatively produce stories for the men, and rethink strategies for the women. It’s time to truly invest in this division, and give these talented women a real chance to connect with the audience. Or is there something you are more afraid of Creative?

Perhaps you were on the cusp of all this Creative, and a few injuries have ruffled those plans. I get it, you have a lot going on right now. I’m hoping that this Lynch/Charlotte program will help elevate these two talents, and bring the division to a standard it should be at. But the division does not, and should not, stand by two women alone. There are many others who deserve supporting roles, and seeing them blacked out from RAW and SmackDown just does not really seem right. Do you need another divas hashtag Creative, or is it just a case of trying to figure out and reorganize storylines, amongst injuries; scrambling to reorganize storylines for the women, while you are scrambling to reorganize storylines for the men as well.

Perhaps it simply is the injury bug, taking its toll; on all fronts. Regardless, with the Road to Wrestlemania just a little over a week away, and the flagship event really just over two months away, it is time to get the divas division in order. The divas deserve their Wrestlemania moment, and so do their fans.

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  • PlanoStu

    Sorry to be the spelling police, but Rome wasn’t BUILT in a day, not build

    • Dorathy

      No, thank you. I apologize for the typo. going to fix it now.

      • PlanoStu

        Just don’t want you to be compared to Ravens. You do a great job and I enjoy your columns.

        • Dorathy

          Thank you for that :)

  • The one and only great one

    Great article. Nicely put. I’ve been saying it every since the divas revolution began, they need to make a female tag title, drop the divas title and bring back the women’s title. Especially with the amount of women they can bring up from NXT

    • Dorathy


  • Si Nicholls

    Totally agree with the article and the person who said bring in the tag belts, there are other women like Summer Rae and Emma who isn’t that bad in the ring who have been forgotten along with Nattie, and when they bring in sister Abigail to the Wyatt family that could create another story line with some of the existing women and could elevate a new face along with Becky

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