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Dear WWE Creative, ViperVille Vs. Suplex City

Dearest WWE Creative.

It was a pretty interesting week in WWE programming, heading into SummerSlam. As all the programs on the card, moved along nicely, I found it interesting how Heath Slater, and his ‘free agent’ angle was used to bring everything together as it related to The Viper versus The Beast feud. Both men have already invaded each other’s program, and in many ways, that was getting a little old. Having Slater meet both men, and job to them, was a classic way to tie in their aggression toward each other, while leaving something to sample for SummerSlam.

Still, one final one-on-one confrontation before the big event, may have been a nice touch.

I’m not quite that into the main event this year, WWE Creative. I was, at one point. It seemed to be a stop-start for me, and in many ways, things spiraled out, beyond even your control. I was initially excited about the match, when it was first announced. Well-thought out main event, to help push both men. A returning Randy Orton needed something big, and there is no bigger competitor in the WWE, than The Beast Incarnate. Alternatively, having a program with a high-level competitor for Lesnar, is a challenge these days too; so the idea that this is a program 15 years in the making, is brilliant.

But then Lesnar had to go and violate an anti-doping policy, and things fizzled out considerably, – well, for me, anyways. The fact that he did not get slapped on the wrists from the WWE, or it was even acknowledged in the aftermath, was disappointing. Randy Orton’s return to television spiced things up. His ‘no enhancements needed’ promo was incredible, and then his RKO outta nowhere on Lesnar rocked RAW. But since? Nothing really to write home about. Their video package was good, I just wished something would’ve been shown regarding their brief meeting in September of 2002 on SmackDown, when Lesnar demolished Orton; sometimes, you have to keep it real. The fact that the video was replayed this week, was fine; I just wish the two men could’ve added something in the ring, together.

Alas, that is neither here nor there. Am I excited to see Lesnar and Orton collide? Somewhat. I’m more excited about the outcome, then the match itself, per se. Will Lesnar lose? Will he face any sort of retribution for his summer scandal?

But as for the go-home episodes of SmackDown and RAW – the Orton/Lesnar program build up, was an extreme letdown; especially if this match is expected to close the show.



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