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Dear WWE Creative, Women’s Wrestling

Dear WWE Creative,

More entertainment, more fun, more accolades this week. While the ‘New Era’ may not feel so new to some, I’m digging it completely. Why? Because the women are no longer taking a secondary role to the men, and your team seems to be doing everything right, and working hard to elevate the talented females you have on the roster.

Sure, the WWE Universe was only treated to one women’s match this past Monday Night; but there were two promos, and a nice debut (and call up) for NXTer Dana Brookes.

The women’s roster is shaping up quite nicely, and thankfully storylines are progressing as such. No longer do fans simply see one women’s program tucked in the middle of RAW or SmackDown that surrounds the title holder; you’ve currently placed a two-tier system of storylines, and I love it. One, rightfully so,  around the title race picture, and one that focuses on the women’s mid-card division. The program surrounding Becky Lynch and Emma (and now newcomer Brookes) is an excellent way to showcase the women, help them connect with fans, and allow the females to further develop their stories. Not everyone female talent needs to be in the title picture (or forcefully lumped together, as in the case last year with the Bellas), but some should be allowed to continue their story.

I also love the fact that the women are also being given the media spotlight; and not just for philanthropic activities, but to help promote storylines and represent the company. I’m talking about Charlotte and Nattie’s appearances on ESPN’s Off The Ropes, as well as Charlotte’s appearance on the Today Show post-Mania. This speaks volumes of how you as a company value their contributions, and also sheds light to their ever-evolving importance to the WWE Universe and the brand as a whole. Fans want to hear what these women want to say, they are vested in their stories, and the female talent are no longer a side show to what the men do.

And because they are now given the air time, the freedom, and the encouragement to go out there and ‘tear down the house’, these divas matches are getting better and better on television; in fact, when I was watching RAW this past Monday night, I was in awe at just how great the Charlotte versus Paige match was. It had story, it had suspense, and it had me wondering how Charlotte will fair (without her father) come Extreme Rules. It doesn’t hurt that the talent is there, but the creative backing to the entire process helps … trust me.

So thank you, WWE Creative. Another week, another happy fan. My only question is: when will we see a women’s match close a RAW, SmackDown, pay-per-view … Wrestlemania?

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  • Jakerams

    Truthfully the two best in the women’s division right now are Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Once Asuka and Bayley make it to the main roster things will be a bit more entertaining it’s enough women on the roster to actually make a womens tag team division though half of the division isn’t really worth watching. Ric Flair is really a big problem the division is facing at the moment.

    • jcice13

      it’s time for Ric to step off..he served his purpose, gave his daughter’s character the fred they needed it to have and now they can fly on their own

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Great article Dorathy ??????????????

  • si69

    Has WWE creative ever wrote back to you

    • jcice13

      yes they asked her to give them all the help she could, and I’m sure they’re scanning the internet to find people with absolutely no writing experience to help them, oh wait, they’ve already hired those people

  • Si Nicholls

    The joy of the women’s division is how strong it is at the top, Paige, Sasha, Charlotte and Becky are all around the same skill level in the ring, and the mid card is getting stronger with all the exposure.

    I have one question thou from someone who doesn’t get to watch NXT, is Dana Brooks as good as the top card or will she fit in with the likes of Emma, Naomi, Foxy, Summer etc?

    • Dorathy

      I think shes good., strong character, good im the ring and on the mic. Thats my opinion.

      • Jakerams

        Emma is actually really good though depending on her opponent and if they give her enough time, Naomi is also nice, and not including the NXT talents.

  • jcice13

    I truly believe you’ll see an all women’s PPV or at least a big show on the network, for 9.99, before they close a Mania, just can’t see that..but haven’t they already had them close a RAW?

    • JFJ

      Yes, they’ve done it twice with matches that saw Lita challenging for the Women’s Championship. The first time was August 21, 2000 when Lita beat Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley to win her first Women’s Championship with the Rock as Special guest referee and the second time was December 6, 2004 when Lita beat Trish Stratus to begin her second reign as Women’s Champion.

      • jcice13

        didn’t they just do it recently? I don’t know why but it just is in my mind they’ve done it like a few months ago or so, but then again I did the brown acid at woodstock

        • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

          They ended Raw with a contract signing segment between Paige and Charlotte but no match.

          • jcice13

            ok at least half my memory is almost working

  • Meg Matthews

    I don’t enjoy it tbh, it bores me ? there are a few who are good – Becky lynch, sasha & Natalya but I miss the good old days with Lita etc it seemed to be more exciting then. They need to do something to make it more interesting again

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    This is the best era of womens wrestling the WWE has ever had, and yes MILES ahead of that overrated busty wench trish stratus. Lita was great.

    My only gripe with this lot is Bailey. I dont see her doing well on the main roster due to creative as well as her current gimmick. But then again we had worse ppl as champs b4, lookin at u in the end she will be fine i guess

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