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Dear WWE Creative, WrestleMania Will Always Be WrestleMania

WWE World Heavyweight title
Dear WWE Creative,

With days away from the big event, you might be a little stressed … but I’m here to tell you: everything will be okay. Because, at the end of the day WrestleMania will always be WrestleMania. An event bigger than RAW, SmackDown, or any pay-per-view (PPV); WrestleMania is a storyline unfolding that is bigger than the stories that are told within the event.

Remember that saying from that old Kevin Costner film, Field of Dreams? You know, “If you build it, they will come?” They will come Creative, from miles and miles away. WWE will break records on Sunday, and all will be well in the WWE Universe for one night.

Yes, a little strange for you to read from me Creative, I’m sure; since lately I’ve gone on a bit of rant with you, as it relates to WrestleMania. The truth is, what’s done is done. You’ve laid the foundation for the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’; you’ve set the storytelling in motion; now, it truly is up to the talent, and I do believe they will save the day.

I’m sure the show might change 100 times over, right up until the umpteenth hour. Superstars will be booked to win, then booked to lose; and differing scenarios will go back and forth. Remember last year Creative? Remember when everyone complained about the build up to the Lesnar and Reigns main event WWE World Heavyweight title match? Remember how everyone thought Reigns was going to win, and then Seth cashed in; making history, shocking the WWE Universe worldwide, and creating one heck of a WrestleMania moment.

You have it in you to create that same kind of reaction. Forget about what has or has not been built up to date; forget about the negativity that may be surrounding this year’s flagship event; forget about predictability. Now is the time to focus on doing something a little different. Something that people might not be expecting, perhaps something out-of-the-box.

Regardless, of whether the event is considered the best of the best when it comes to Wrestlemanias, or the best of the worst; WM 32 will go down in history.

It will always be remembered as the ‘cursed’ year to some fans (especially here on WNZ), as the year the company was plagued with injuries. It will be remembered as the WM that brought in the Attitude Era players to save the day. Perhaps it might also be remembered as the year women’s wrestling really stole the show.

Either way, what’s done is done, WWE Creative, and in about 72 hours, you will be powerless to how the show unfolds; you need to sit back, enjoy, and trust in your superstars.

Because, at the end of the day, WrestleMania will always be WrestleMania in the hearts of WWE fans worldwide. A legacy where chapters close, and new stories begin; where careers are made, and some are broken; where stars are born, and new eras begin; and an event, where, regardless of whether or not a superstar wins, childhood dreams come true – for some of the fans, and wrestlers alike. One WrestleMania cannot (and will not) destroy that legacy.

Good luck WWE Creative, months of hard work all come to a close on Sunday, and I for one am walking into WrestleMania with a positive, optimistic attitude. I believe good things are on the horizon; I believe, creatively speaking, this WrestleMania can still be saved.

I believe in you, WWE Creative.

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  • That boy Alejandro

    In my opinion it’s gonna be a good wrestlemania but the wwe needs to stop adding title matches to the pre show just like for the last 2 years the tag team titles were defended on the pre show and this year the U.S. title is on the pre show. They also need to stop having artists perform their music on wrestlemania, i rather watch a wrestling match since the show is about wrestling and not music but i get it people need their bathroom break lol

    • MEH

      The music show is to capture the casual to non wrestling fan just like the Super Bowl does outside of the US. If the fans tune in to check out the halftime show but then gets drawn in then that’s money for the company whilst providing as you said a toilet break for us die hard fans.

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