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Deeper Dive: Was Finn Balor Damaged Goods?

Now, normally, such a saying applies to sports trades, as in, did Team A trade damaged goods to Team B. In this case, there was no trade. But as Finn Balor is now on the shelf for an extended period of time, the question has been asked: was the injury 100 percent caused by the bucklebomb into the barricade at SummerSlam? Or was his shoulder already tweaked, and that spot just made him need surgery sooner?

At this point? Let’s discuss both.

Scenario 1: It was a result of the bucklebomb only.

This is the simplest one to look at it. Seth’s bucklebombs have already been blamed for taking other guys out, for one. For another, it does look like a bit of an excessive and overly risky bump. The turnbuckles are lightly padded, and aren’t designed to give a whole lot-far less than taking a bump on the mat. And the barricades around the ring? Those are padded to some extent, but again, not a lot of give. So, I look at it as being a bump that carries with it more risk than your average bump. With that in mind, it’s entirely possible that the bump alone, just that one spot, messed up Finn’s shoulder. Far more experienced wrestlers (see: Sting) have taken the same move and fared badly, though. So, it’s worth a deeper look.

Scenario 2: The move aggravated an injury.

This one is, for now, pure speculation. But considering the doctors said the injury was worse than expected, or worse than a similar injury, it’s not a crazy thought. If Finn went into SummerSlam with an already weak wing? Taking the bucklebomb was a disaster waiting to happen.

Why do I bring this up?

Look, I know this quite well. Wrestlers-and many professional athletes-work wounded. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the guys on any given card have some nagging injury they are working through. I would expect Balor to be no different. But in this instance, if Balor did have a substantial injury (assuming he both had it, and knew how severe it was), then perhaps we should be questioning whether or not Balor should have been in the main event. If you knew the man was an injury away from being out for a minimum of four months, then perhaps they should have just opted for the surgery. If it were any other, low level PPV match? Sure, fine that will work. But to be in a WWE Universal title match? WWE gambled and lost.

It was a great moment, seeing Finn with the belt. But it was bad seeing him a night later, relinquishing it. Either someone in WWE knew it and hoped it would be fine, or they didn’t.

But, wrestling fans: considering it was the first ever match for the Universal belt, I can see why WWE wanted the excitement. But surely losing a champ, especially a popular one a day later? WWE probably wishes they had a do-over.

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