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Deeper Dive: Bo’ Dallas From The Plane

OK, sorry about the bad pun (but I hope some of you old enough to see the play on words actually got it!). If you missed this one, Bo Dallas is in a bit of hot water, as he was removed from a plane over the weekend due to being way too drunk to fly. For Bo, it wouldn’t be his first issue with drinking in excess, and it probably wasn’t a wise career move. If anything, he could be lucky to have been kept off that particular flight, as a drunk Dallas on a plane could have worked his way up to the stuff of WWE flight legends.

That being said, this might be a really bad move for Bo. He was already on thin ice, some could suppose, based on his lowly draft status (though, the mere fact that he was drafted, some might argue means he’s showing signs of life). But regardless of whether you choose to see it as a glass half full or half empty, as another movie told us (I’m paraphrasing) “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life”. And for Bo, it’s more like “drunk is not how you have a WWE career”.

So, will be be jettisoned? That he has not yet tells me he might just be safe. But, if we assume he is, for the moment, safe, then one has to think he’s landed himself on the double-secret probation list. Someone like Vince, or Hunter, or any other top brass, have to be looking at Dallas and thinking, you can’t get by on who your daddy was, or who your brother is, forever.

So will Bo finally shape up? Or will he be shipped out? You have to Bo-lieve, one way or the other, that things will need to be straightened out soon, otherwise he might have to Bo home.

Considering the talent that he should have, considering his lineage, you do hope he gets it together. Otherwise, we might be looking at a modern day version of Macho Man (Bray) and The Genius (Bo).

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