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Deeper Dive: Draft Bringing Back Old Stars?

Reports have surfaced that, in conjunction with the draft and brand split, WWE has reached out to a number of past Superstars. Names that have been leaked include Stevie Richards and MVP, to name a few. No word yet on what the plans would be, or if any of the Superstars which WWE has called, have any interest in returning.

I have two views on this one, so let’s get right to it.

I love this idea because: Well, I am a sucker for nostalgia. It’s one of the draws for the Rumble, when some older guys come back for a couple minutes of cheers and a nice little appearance. Relative to the brand split, it makes sense because it gives a chance for each brand to have some nostalgia acts, some person or persons who might help sell the brand. If that’s actually needed.

I hate this idea because: Well, for one, WWE just had a fairly substantial roster cut just a month ago. Most of those talents who were cut, likely are in a better position to help the brand split then any of the older stars. For another reason, we’ve got a healthy NXT roster, with rumors of as many as 8 NXT wrestlers being in play for callups as part of the draft. And then, there is of course this idea. Take a look at the active roster. There are guys (and women) on there who do not get time on RAW or SmackDown regularly as it is. So, the split which was, in theory, supposed to help get more people better chances? If WWE brings back too many nostalgia acts, those people the split should have helped, may wind up buried even further than they already are.

Don’t get me wrong. It would be neat to see some of these guys back in a WWE ring. I just don’t want WWE to bring them back at the expense of some of the younger or underutilized talents. I assume that WWE brass has considered that and won’t do something to harm the talent they already have, but then again, this is the same company that did go nuts to bring back Batista when the fans wanted Daniel Bryan, and we all know how that experiment worked out.

It could be a trip down memory lane for fans this Summer. But, it might also be a miserable one for some on the roster. Time will tell.

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  • The one and only great one

    Just because they want to bring back some old wrestlers doesn’t mean they’re actually going to be wrestling. They could be brought back as managers for the younger talent , which could be a good thing. I didn’t care for the draft the first time they did it, but if it’s done right and they make Smackdown they way it was when it first came about, this will be awesome.

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