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Deeper Dive: Tommy Dreamer Denounces Chair Shots To The Head

When you think of chairshots…hard, violent, unprotected chairshots…one of the first names that come to mind is most likely Tommy Dreamer, the hardcore legend, the Innovator of Violence. It is not a stretch to say that he enjoyed much of the success that he was able to enjoy, in large part because of the abuse he was able to inflict, and willing to endure. Specifically, weapons. Especially chairs.

So in our current PG-era of wrestling, and in a world where the NFL in particular but sports in general are dealing with the fallout from concussion lawsuits and research, it’s definitely notable when such a voice as Tommy’s speaks up and denounces chair shots to the head.

It was understandable back then. Fans loved the hardcore, bar room brawl style of the ECW matches. They screamed and begged for more, and things got pushed further each match. I was one of those fans, and when you saw it live, the spectacle was just impressive. But I was in high school and college back then, and the idea of a concussion was not even something I thought about. Besides, I was a fan. It was fun to watch. But wrestlers? These guys had to know what was going on, that every time your bell got rung, it wasn’t usually a pleasant experience. It’s amazing, looking back on what ECW was, that so much of it ever happened because of how careless it was. It also gives me, as a fan, a new found appreciation for the sacrifices those guys made to entertain us.

But it’s also somewhat heartbreaking. Tommy, in the interview he gave, mentioned his handwriting not being what it was, and one has to conclude that his numerous concussions are a contributing factor. He’s not old. He’s got a young family. His handwriting issues may be all he ever has, but they may also just be the beginning of worse issues, too. Tommy, having taken way too many unprotected shots to the head, is absolutely right on this one. In 2016, there is simply no need for such a spot anymore. There’s no place for that in wrestling, and here’s to hoping we never see another chair to the head, ever.

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