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Deeper Dive: Dudleys Not Done

Last week, we saw Bubba and Devon offer their farewell to the WWE Universe, which was capped off by a beating of them at the hands of The Club. So are the brothers from another mother really gone?

Hah! Of course not. If you’ve followed wrestling long enough (which, honestly, is not that long), you know that these retirements are much like most of Brett Favre’s were-they just don’t stick. The Dudleys may be off TV for now, but I don’t for one minute believe that seeing them decimated by an inferior tag team is how the most decorated team gets sent out.

For me, that night accomplished two things.

First? It brought the Dudleys back to the world of the babyfaces. They had been working as heels much of the year, and of late they had become glorified jobbers. Initially during the segment, I was waiting for a turn by one of them, against the other. Didn’t happen, and I am fine with that-I just don’t think a Dudley versus Dudley feud would play well anymore. Fans popped-huge-when Bubba and Devon came back to WWE, and for a time, it seemed it was a matter of time before they got the tag belts again. That has not happened yet. But I think, regardless, fans are happy to have them back as babyfaces.

Second? It sets up a pending feud with Gallows and Anderson. Give it time-maybe a few weeks, maybe longer-but Bubba and Devon will be back. You don’t put a Dudley through a table without a response. And I feel like this response could be a TLC match down the road. Maybe not so much the L or the C, but absolutely the T. And, depending on if Gallows and Anderson finally get their hands on the gold, that match could be for the titles. If that comes to fruition, then we can all debate whether or not it makes sense for the Dudley Boys to have another run at the top. Until then, I won’t debate it, but just say I would like them to have that final run.

So, forget about the tag titles for a bit. I think one thing everyone can agree on, is that we have not seen the last of Bubba and Devon in a WWE ring.

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