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Deeper Dive: No Enhancement Needed

But is a punishment?

In case you missed it, at Battleground, Randy Orton returned during the Highlight Reel segment. And host Chris Jericho took every opportunity to needle Orton about his SummerSlam opponent, Brock Lesnar. Right until Orton gave Jericho an RKO.

But, before that RKO, Orton got quite candid on The Beast, going so far as to say that he (Orton) has been successful, “no enhancement needed”. This was, of course, a clear shot at Lesnar’s recent flunked tests. Jericho himself even said, on air, that Orton was likely to pay for the remarks, which I could take a few ways. So, I feel it’s worth diving deeper on this one.

First though? Even though it’s low hanging fruit, and I was surprised it took so long to come up, Orton is not the guy that should be taking those shots. Yes, I am aware that Orton is the opponent Brock faces next, so these two are expected to trade jabs, verbal and otherwise, leading up to the August event. That’s all well and good…except that Orton himself owns two strikes under the Wellness Policy already. People in houses shouldn’t throw stones, right? And even if Randy’s been clean for a number of years, it’s not like he’s always tested clean. It might not have been as egregious as,say, Reigns saying it, since he JUST got done his own suspension, or someone like Hogan, who’s history with PEDs is long and extensive. But still not exactly a fight Orton should be getting into.

Second? Was Orton scripted to say that? Maybe, maybe not. This is the big one for me that I was left wondering Sunday night. On one hand, most things on WWE TV anymore are scripted and micromanaged. So I expect, more likely than not, that Orton’s talking points Sunday were too. Which means that Jericho’s, about Orton being punished for alluding to Brock fighting dirty, probably were too.

But, there’s a slight chance they weren’t. Orton could have easily gone off script-it’s not as though the line was graphic, vulgar or easy to see coming and able to be censored. And the interaction between Jericho and Orton left me thinking-was the punishment going to be coming from management, in the form of fine or suspension, or was the punishment coming from Lesnar, in the form of making him angrier. Or both.

With Brock appearing on RAW next week, things are going to get interesting, and fast.

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