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Deeper Dive: Farewell, American Dragon

Hopefully, you’ve watched the February 8th RAW by now. If you haven’t, well, spoiler alert!

That being said, Monday’s RAW was our farewell to Daniel Bryan, who finally tapped out due to his concussion history. It was one of the more emotional RAW segments, and many fans-myself included-are going to miss Bryan.

But with his departure comes a few thoughts.

First, WWE is likely glad the announcement happened. The cheap reason, of course, would be I’d imagine a boost in RAW ratings, if only for one week. But the real reason? They end the game, so to speak. No more will someone wonder where Daniel Bryan is, or when he will be able to come back. That book has been closed.

Second, as a fan, how awesome was that? The arena rarely gets that loud anymore-it takes a special Superstar. Bryan was in the ring a good five minutes, perhaps more, before fans quieted down enough that he was able to address the crowd. Even though why he was out there was a less than joyous occasion, it was still an awesome and powerful moment.

Third, I know some will say he’s leaving on his own terms.

Bull. Daniel Bryan is not leaving on his own terms. Daniel Bryan is leaving while he still has the ability to make such decisions on his own. Maybe to some, it’s the same thing, but I disagree. He didn’t want to retire, he basically had to. For the sake of his long term health, and for his family. He admitted that he and Brie want to have kids sometime soon, so he’s thinking of that, too. And I don’t blame him for it one bit. But let’s be honest, this wasn’t really on his terms. No one wants to be told they can’t do something they love anymore, and that’s basically what happened to him.

In the end, however, I don’t care whether he’s leaving on his own terms. I care more that, for his sake, he’s at peace with the decision. And he seems to be. He expressed his gratitude, many times over, in his segment last night. And the word just works. Because for me, having the chance to cover him-even from a distance-gives me that same sense of gratitude.

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  • MEH

    Completely agree with you regarding leaving on his own terms. He did not, although he had to make the right call for his future for himself, his wife and potential children. Daniel/Bryan is a very lucky man as he put it last night to have 16 years in the business doing what he loves, reaching the level that he did, having a megastar’s support of fans it’s what all the guys who do this dream off. There are a lot of potential stars that don’t even get through the front door before they are injured and have to hang it up, so he is a great success and influential story!

  • MEH

    In Gorilla after farewell speech

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Poor Vince lol

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Dammitt Vince smh…

    • MikeLo #NewNation


  • James Fields

    Daniel Bryan a great wrestler in the business, am sad to see him retire, but in the end think great decision for him retire, and think in the end if he didn’t everyone would blame wwe if he where get seriously injured r something worse look what happens pro athletes who have gotten concussion more than once hope wwe gives him a job

  • Z….

    Congratulations to Bryan Danielson on an amazing career all over the world. He finally made it to the show, got over incredibly, creating a movement of which only matches or exceeds any other prior similar instance, and broke through the glass ceiling. He worked in empty parking lots and gyms, and then in front of 70 thousand people when he headlined Wrestlemania. Having seen him long before he got to WWE (He was one of the people that kept me watching in the early 2000s and into the mid 2000s when I stopped caring about WWE and turned my attention towards the real industry on the indies), that was really cool to see. Truly deserving of everything he made for himself. Its a shame his career had to end with the injuries, but he will go out knowing he was an all time great.

    Classy move by Vince to let him go out there and talk. He gave him time out there, and they went over by half an hour. He got a chance to go out in his hometown, and it was a great moment to cap a career anyone that knows the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson will truly miss, but not as much as he’ll miss doing it. Also knowing about who he is outside the ring, I wish him the best in his endeavors

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