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Deeper Dive: Farewell To Fuji

WWE Hall of Fame
As fans across the WWE Universe learned over the weekend, WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji has passed.

Fuji was both an accomplished professional wrestler, as well as a manager in his later years. He did both with great skill and much success, which is, of course, why he is a part of the WWE  Hall of Fame.

I freely admit that I am too young to have actually seen him wrestle-I am 38. I did, however, know Mr. Fuji as a dastardly yet effective heel manager, covering numerous successful tag teams, but most notably of all, the tremendously sized former WWE Champion, the late Yokozuna.

What I remember is how easy it was for Fuji to bend and break the rules to gain an advantage-any advantage-for his charges. His go-to, of course (even back to his days as a wrestler) was the white powder/salt in the eyes. It’s something he utilized even while managing Yokozuna, and it was certain to illicit outrage from the fans as their beloved babyface was being harmed by Fuji and his talent.

And, if there’s one thing his tribute video should remind fans of-or, inform the younger generation of fans of-it’s that managing is an often overlooked roll, and honestly not used nearly as well as has been done in the past. Oh sure, there are a couple worth their salt, but look back to when Fuji was just one of a slew of managers in WWE. Perhaps it was a Golden Era for managerial talents in WWE.

But even then, Fuji loomed large. In the twilight of his career, capped off by his Hall of Fame induction speech, he had completed his own babyface turn, as fans at the ceremony genuinely enjoyed his stories and his personality.

He was a great wrestler, a great manager, and no doubt a great man. My condolences go out to his friends and family in their time of mourning. May he rest in peace.

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