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Deeper Dive: Bill Goldberg in HOF?

WWE Hall of Fame
No, folks, don’t worry. You did not miss a very early WWE Hall of Fame announcement. But if history is any indication, they may indeed be telegraphing things.

How so? Well, in case you missed it, on RAW a few weeks back there was an advertisement for the still-months-away WWE 2K17. In hyping the pre-order, you get a special character by doing so. This year’s character? Former WCW and WWE Champion Bill Goldberg.

How is this significant? Well, the last few characters provided to fans who pre-ordered all went into the Hall of Fame (Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Arnold Schwarzenegger). So I don’t think it’s an insane stretch to think that there is a chance that Goldberg is among the Class of 2017 honorees.

My thoughts on that?

Well, I suppose he did enough, big enough, that his relatively brief run warrants induction. He was a huge part of the Monday Night Wars, without a doubt. I don’t know that I’d see him as a headliner of the class, but I am probably going to be proven wrong on that one. My reason for doubting his headliner worthiness? Primarily the length of his career, which compared to a lot of other guys (some who aren’t yet in the Hall), is actually pretty short. But, all the various Halls of Fame have plenty of talents whose stars shone brightly, if briefly. And for that brief run he had, he was one of the biggest stars in the sport, without a doubt.

Outside of that, my gripe would be with WWE, if in fact they telegraphed another induction. Either they need to re-think how they do it (like, as part of your induction, you become a playable character in the next game), or just announce he’s going in now. I’d rather not hear about the 2017 Hall of Fame now, to be honest.

WNZ readers, would you like to see Goldberg go in?

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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    If Koko B ware can be in the Hall of Fame, anybody can. And Goldbergs career in WCW and WWE, like him or not, is noteworthy and worth honoring.

  • Mike

    He was the biggest star in wcw for a while, he would likely headline or co headline a class.

  • The Shockmaster

    Yes. But the question is, Who’s Next?

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