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Deeper Dive: On Latest Wellness Violations

By now, everyone reading this should be well aware of the recent first time violations for Paige, Alberto Del Rio and Eva Marie.

Unfortunately for them, the busts all came with less than a week to go before SummerSlam. Not exactly great timing on their part (though, to be honest, is there ever a good time for a violation?)

So let’s look at the offenders, just for a bit, shall we?

On the first set, Paige and Del Rio. Here’s the first thought: whatever they got busted for, I’d bet they were sharing. Considering they are a thing off air, it’s not shocking to at least speculate that one got the other into something, or they decided together. It’s bad timing for both of them. For Paige, she was close to returning from injury, and with the women’s rosters on each show a wee bit thinner, she had a better shot at reclaiming gold. So she cost herself big. As for Del Rio? He’s a great heel, and WWE needs some great heels. While he might not have been in line for a title shot, he’s been in the top tier of heels for a while now. Being on the wrong side of the Wellness Policy isn’t a smart career decision.

For Eva Marie? I have to think some folks consider it a blessing in disguise. She is constantly berated with chants of “you can’t wrestle”. She’s never been over, never been popular. So, instead of having to come up with excuses (storyline or not) week after week as to why her match this night won’t happen? She got herself suspended for a month. People in WWE might have actually been cheering this one, folks. But considering Eva’s standing, where I wouldn’t say she has a strong grip on her spot within SmackDown? No matter how people don’t want to see her wrestling, she could ill afford this.

So what happens now? Well, on the bright side, for each it was just their first offense. Plenty of big stars have had a bust, and then remained clean and gone on to big things (Edge, Dolph Ziggler etc). So this is by no means a death knell for all of them. For some (Eva) it’s probably worse than others, considering their overall bodies of work. Not saying that Paige or Del Rio get some extra wiggle room due to their championships and what they bring to the table…but they probably do. Once the suspensions run their course, it wouldn’t shock me if Paige and Alberto got back into the thick of things. And Eva resumed her own, doing something that most don’t think is close to wrestling.

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