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Deeper Dive: Brock Lesnar & Suspensions

By now, everyone knows that Lesnar won his return at UFC 200.

By now, everyone also knows that Lesnar has been found to have failed not one, but two tests for PEDs, as administered by the USADA. With these failed tests, his match win will be vacated, and he is likely to be suspended from future UFC bouts for some time.

But Lesnar wasn’t a sure thing to fight again, even after his convincing win in Las Vegas. But, he is a sure thing to fight again for WWE, considering he’s on the SummerSlam card, and he’s under contract past next year. Which is why I think the news of the 2nd failed test means that WWE has to move swiftly, and fans might not like it.

If the USADA results are to be believed-and thus far, we have no reason to doubt them-then I think WWE has no choice but to suspend Lesnar under it’s own Wellness Policy, or else the company opens themselves up to a great deal of unwanted scrutiny.

If WWE does nothing, with the sports world knowing Lesnar is being looked at as a cheat, it will instantly call into question the strength of the Wellness Policy. WWE may squeak by, saying that the Wellness Policy runs off of separate testing, and that Lesnar has not ever failed those tests. But that seems like a cop out at this point. If WWE partner ESPN has some hardcore investigative journalists left, someone would press someone on this. Either Lesnar didn’t actually use drugs, and was the victim of two badly timed false positives (the odds of that are extremely remote), or perhaps WWE’s Wellness Policy doesn’t test for the same things that the USADA does. Which is plausible, but then it begs the question: why would the WWE not want to test for the same things the USADA does? It could be damning for WWE. Regardless of it presenting itself as sports entertainment, it would look bad. Really bad.

Of course, if WWE could have said it will act, and suspends Lesnar for 30 days like it did Reigns, it won’t keep him off of SummerSlam. They can announce the suspension retroactive to the last failed test, just to make sure they can still get The Beast on TV.

Now, of course, there is still that remote chance that his B samples will test clean, and that there’s some error or impropriety that will be used to explain the failures. It’s entirely possible, but seeming less and less likely.

But either way, I think WWE will have to act on Lesnar, before SummerSlam, or face new scrutiny about how rigorous or legitimate it’s testing efforts actually are.

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