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Deeper Dive: Life Trumps Wrestling

Or, take a moment to hug your parents, children or siblings.

In one of those moments that can’t help but remind us all how short life is, and that wrestling is just a mere escape, Bret Hart announced on Monday that he is battling prostate cancer. For the man known as The Hitman, it’s just the latest health issue, having dealt with a stroke in 2002 as well.

I don’t know of anyone who likes cancer. I lost my mother to the disease in 2009, so I have no love lost for it. It’s something I would not wish for anyone to go through, and my thoughts and prayers go out to Bret and his family during this time. He’s a fighter (obviously), and I have no doubt he will take this challenge on with the same passion he brought to the ring night in and night out.

But after all he did in the ring, it’s a reminder that yes, of course, these guys are human. They have lives beyond the ring, real lives with problems every bit as real as our own. I trust we won’t see much of Bret for a while, which is understandable. I just hope that, while he may remain out of our sight, he does not become out of our minds. So many in WWE, or who are fans of WWE, owe a lot to Hart, so if all we can do is wish him well, think positive thoughts or pray for him-whichever of those happens to be your thing.

And, take a moment to appreciate what you have, and who you have, in your life. It’s short, and we may be gone before we know it. Appreciate what you have while you can.

OK. Off the soapbox for now…

Get well soon, Bret!

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  • jeff

    John, my condolences to you, yes Cancer sucks. Lost my mother to it 2 years ago last week. Good news is they caught Brett’s in time hopefully. Goes to show you cancer doesn’t discriminate.

  • biz


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