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Deeper Dive: Live SmackDown, Brand Extension

As I covered in a separate Deeper Dive, SmackDown is going live and happening on Tuesday now, as of mid-July. But that’s hardly the big news, or even the biggest news. The big piece? Brand extension and Superstar draft.

Believe it or not, this was something I was going to write about even before it was announced, but at the time that the idea hit me, I had no clue this news would drop-I’m just not that plugged in, unfortunately.

But now that it has, what do I think?

Some good, and some bad, honestly.

The good:

With rosters presumably cleanly split between shows, we will see some guys get a chance to perform. We should get away from weeks where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn main event RAW and SmackDown, for example-not that it’s a bad main event, but if you have dozens and dozens of talented wrestlers, you don’t need to focus on just a handful all the time.

Also, by putting different talents on different shows, it gives people more of a reason or incentive to tune in. If I know I can only watch Enzo and Big Cass on SmackDown, I am going to be more inclined to tune in, perhaps.

The storylines, too. I mean, the draft in and of itself can easily become an annual event, must-see television. Look at the NFL or NBA. Fans love tuning in for the games, but the drafts are huge events now too. WWE could have a field day with this. And instead of getting 2 guys fighting each other constantly, months on end, which can get monotonous? We can get special attraction matches at those big PPV, where guys who can’t otherwise tangle, get to fight. It freshens things up, which is great.

The bad:

As someone who doesn’t always have time to watch five hours of wrestling, it will suck to have to miss out on certain talents because of where they are wrestling. Or, it means my DVR will get a workout on those nights that I can’t catch SmackDown live.

The risk of belts, or lack thereof. Last time there was a brand extension, we had two world champions. Among other things. Will we see that happen again? Or will the champions be expected to appear on both shows? If so, how will they figure out number one contenders? Hopefully it won’t mean we get more triple threat matches for a title, so that each show’s number one contender is appeased. But I am not wanting to see a 2nd world championship, either. I am OK with some show exclusive titles, perhaps. I think it would be a good opportunity, especially with the Cruiserweight tourney coming, to revive that belt and make it exclusive to a show. And perhaps we bring back the Television title too, a belt I was especially fond of, both from WCW and ECW. Otherwise, I figure the Intercontinental Champion would reside on one brand, and the US Champ on the other. Bottom line, I am probably most curious about how they handle the champions going forward, because while every show deserves some belts, we don’t want to see things get too bloated either.

WNZ readers, what do you look forward to about the extension? What do you fear?

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    I mean,it can’t possibly get too much worse,brother!

    • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      Then u don’t know WWE brotha lol

  • James Fields

    It can hoak if wwe don’t plan it right, I think their should be two heavyweight belts lot main eventers and now maybe Cesaro get heavyweight title shot to

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