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Deeper Dive: Are We Nearing A Brand Split?

Last week, when Shane burst back onto the stage during RAW, things got really interesting.

When he told his father what he wanted? The interesting level got off the charts. What he wanted wasn’t control of WWE. No, what he wanted was control of RAW.

Now, while he was on RAW,on the one hand focusing on RAW made perfect sense. Why would he be one to push the other WWE shows, on his first night back?

But, what if his focus on RAW was actually WWE planting the seeds. Giving us some foreshadowing,even?

And now,we are hearing more rumblings of what that could be. Could WWE really be considering a brand split again?

The McMahon clan is playing this carefully. Few know about their plans, and it sure looks like they will keep it that way until the WrestleMania 32 match happens.

Would a split make sense? Ratings have been middling at best, in spite of what seems to be the deepest roster WWE has had in years. And, they already sort of have two brands running, with RAW/SmackDown and NXT. Plus, it was not all that long ago where WWE got rid of the dual World Championships, and were actually considering unifying the Intercontinental Championship and US Title. Reviving the brand split could mean more titles, not less. And would this bring back the alternating brand-specific PPV?

It’s all speculation at this point-and rest assured,we and every other wrestling site out there is going to speculate more and more between now and WrestleMania 32. Stay tuned,folks!

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  • Si Nicholls

    I hope so I miss the days when Smackdown had Edge, Taker Vicky G, JBL, Chavo G etc and was a much better show than RAW

  • biz

    I just hope they keep one major title and don’t go back to two world champions. If they feel the need for another title bring the television title or bring back the European title.

    No matter what, please keep the tag titles and wwe heavyweight title able to go on both shows

    • jcice13

      bingo…I agree, 1 world title, 1 tag team title…and if you want to add any I think that with a split type brand make an individual tv title for both shows..

  • jcice13

    well it all comes down to if Shane is staying after mania right? if he is there’s going to be some sort of a split but something would have to happen at mania, because no one is buying Taker losing another match at mania…now what if Kurt Angle came in and some how to help Shane and as a thank you Shane makes him RAW GM…
    but isn’t this all moot because didn’t I read he was only in until mania? but it would be interesting to see what they’d do if he was staying on

    • biz

      No one knows for sure. One day I read he’s gone after mania and the next I read that there’s a chance he’s staying a little while longer. Kind of nice that we don’t know for sure. I do like your idea about angle coming in and helping. I wouldn’t mind seeing the wyatts help or anyone for that matter cause Shane can’t be put in the same company as Brock

      • jcice13

        that’s it in a nutshell..shane CAN’T beat taker 1 on 1…especially at mania in texas..but one has to think that IF he is staying he has something up his sleeve because why go through all this power struggle if we can’t have the authority eating it at the big show and the following night’s RAW
        as for reading shane is staying/going? that’s all a bunch of crap these people have no clue what’s being written so they speculate like they have inside info..I know a guy who wrestled on the indy circuit for some years a while back and almost every time he’d tell us something that he heard as gospel that would happen it didn’ finally I dais to him stop already why would they tell you anything? you’re wrestling in a jr. high gym in front of 40 people, so of course Vince is calling you up to give you the low down

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