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Deeper Dive: The Rhyno Republican

It is not a new happening to see a professional wrestler, or someone close to wrestling, toss their hat into the political world. Jesse Ventura did it as governor of Minnesota, Linda McMahon attempted to do so, and of course Donald Trump is attempting the same this year (though his involvement in WWE is hardly as extensive as the other two examples).

But, I don’t recall an active wrestler being in the thick of an election quite like Rhyno is about to be.

The man-beast, user of the gore, who only recently returned-first to NXT and then rapidly ascending to SmackDown, is running for election in his home state of Michigan. My first thought? Unexpected, given what we’ve seen from him in the ring. As in, I never would have expected him to be the type to have any manner of political aspirations. But, the same could be said for Kane, who may not (yet) be running for office, has shown to be quite keen to follow and speak about politics.

Talking about it is one thing. Rhyno, however, is running for office.

Things will be interesting. I am sure his opponent might seek to take advantage of Rhyno’s main source of income, but at the same time, would you honestly want to debate the man? If things got too heated, he could just gore you to get his point across. And, that stare? That would likely have you thinking twice, no matter how convicted you were to your view beforehand.

On the serious side of things, WWE and Rhyno will have to be careful not to use his position on SmackDown for any benefit in his election, due to laws and such. But, because it is a local election, that shouldn’t be an issue. If anything, they would just keep him off TV for a bit.

But, all things considered, I am happy to see Rhyno back, even if it’s a short-lived run. And, given what he’s trying to do in his community, I have a newfound respect for him, too. He may not win, but to even put yourself out there to try and make a difference takes guts, perhaps even more than climbing into the ring.

Win or lose, I would not want to challenge him.

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