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Deeper Dive: On A Roman Holiday

WWE Champion
Not exactly the news anyone expected to break on Tuesday, but Roman Reigns, WWE Champion on Sunday, now finds himself with a 30 day holiday thanks to one very high profile WWE Wellness Policy violation.

The good news for Roman, if there can be any? It’s his first bust, so it’s only the 30 day penalty. Heck, Titus O’Neill got more for paling around with Vince!

A couple key points.

First, at the moment, there is no indication of what caused the bust. And, depending on what it was, it may be a while before we learn of it, if ever.

Second, as of now (writing this at 11:00pm Tuesday evening), he is still in the main event at Battleground, a match that was booked as a triple threat match as RAW went off the air on Monday. Because Battleground is so far away (more than a month), Reigns’ suspension will run it’s course completely between the time of the bust, and the time the next PPV happens. So that works in his favor. Except that, for the next 30 days, he can’t be involved in hyping it at all. Which leads me to my first thought on the matter…

I can’t imagine that anyone in the executive suites in Stamford is too pleased. They’ve taken a ton of (mostly deserved) flak for Roman’s pushes. But in spite of the heat, they remained steadfast in their decision to push him. And now, fresh off of his 3rd title reign, this is how he’s repaid their investment in him. It’s not good, and unless someone very high up as a wicked serious man-crush on Roman, this could be a very bad development.

Aside from the anger folks in high places are feeling, it’s worth asking a question. Specifically, if the guy just got dinged for a violation, regardless of what it was for, should he even remain in the match? I am being serious with this one folks. Does anyone…ANYONE…expect McMahon to approve of putting the strap back on Roman mere days after he’ll be coming off of his suspension? I highly doubt it. So, if you agree with that premise-and I have to expect a lot of folks would-then why have Reigns in the match at all? He can’t do promos for it until, basically, we are on house shows, since he can’t return until after the live SmackDown debut. No one could give him a chance of winning. So he’s just filler.

At this point, I think it’s likely better to keep him off completely. Either insert a new 3rd man to the match, if you are intent on keeping it as a triple threat match. Or, you let Dean and Seth go at each other like they did so impressively a year ago, though this time around things would be a bit reversed.

Personally, thinking it over, I think it sends the wrong message to a lot of people, in and out of WWE, if you suspend the guy but keep him in the title match just days after the suspension. He loses some time, sure, but he still gets to headline the very next PPV. It would mean a lot more if he were dropped from the match. If you insist on letting him wrestle on the PPV, then have it be someone else, in a non-title match.

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  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Great article ??????????????????

  • Mike

    I doubt he would of won the title straight back regardless. Let’s look
    At his reigns as champ. 5 minutes, 4 weeks and three months. Hardly a long time. I think they were getting ready for a decent run for ambrose and reigns to take a small break from the title. Now,
    Maybe that’s longer. I doubt he loses his push, and if he is removed from the triple threat, they’ll just do it at summerslam.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    As of this moment, Roman’s still advertised for the match. I wouldn’t put him in the match. The last thing WWE needs is to be criticized for putting him in the match after he served his suspension and after they publicly announced that he got suspended for a wellness test violation. And no they cannot make up a kayfabe Roman injury situation after they publicly announced that he got suspended lol.

    I rather have Dean vs. Seth, but it seems like they’ll add another one in the triple threat match. Maybe on Raw, have the five competitors from the MITB match compete in a five way elimination match where the winner gets in the triple threat match.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    We found Roman’s replacement for the triple threat match

    • Someguy


    • BooGonk

      Wow. Actual tears from laughing.

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