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Deeper Dive: SmackDown Goes Live

In case anyone missed it, it was announced on May 25th that, starting July 19th, SmackDown would be going live on Tuesdays. This is a significant change for the show, which has been taped, and usually happening later in the week, for quite a while. I am sure WWE had their reasons for it, and I have no doubt they’ve done research and analysis to figure out the costs, risks and return on investment. Point being, they wouldn’t be making this move if they didn’t think it was fiscally wise. Being a publicly traded company, that is just what they do. I am fine with that.

For me, this deeper dive is about how this changes the TV lineup, and a bit of personal reflection.

One, the move definitely changes up the WWE TV lineup. We go from having a live RAW on Monday, followed by an hour of NXT on Wednesday and two hours of SmackDown, taped, on Thursday. Now? We have back to back nights of live, main roster programming, followed by the best hour of WWE programming on Wednesday. I am somewhat surprised by the move, as I liked the previous spacing. Actually, from a symmetry perspective, having SmackDown on Friday looked better, but ratings did not support keeping the show there. So, no worries. But now, we get all our wrestling from WWE in three consecutive days, leaving Thursday and Friday with nothing on broadcast television featuring WWE. I have to wonder if WWE isn’t considering another show to fill that gap, either on TV or on the Network. In other words, I think there could be more to come.

From a personal perspective? As the keeper of the Nutshells for WrestleNewz, and having just recently gone from one, to two and now three Nutshells, this makes my week a bit more packed, particularly early on. On an inquisitive note, I would love to hear from the readers on those-are they worth having? Is there an interest in having three days of Nutshells? I am happy to keep writing them, but I do prefer writing for an audience!

In the grand scheme, I will say this: the idea of having another live show is exciting. I know that personally, I hate most taped shows in the Internet era, because I am a curious cat and I read spoilers. And reading spoilers kills the idea of watching the shows, mostly. I have not had this issue with NXT yet, but I know when there is a taped RAW, it’s sort of a dud in my eyes. Again, it’s a personal thing, it’s not me saying that the show itself was an actual dud-though sometimes that happens too. But another live show, watching things be real and somewhat spontaneous-or at least, not ruined by spoilers? I am cautiously optimistic. Add in the roster split, and things could get interesting.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Perhaps WWE is tired of low ratings due to the Smackdown spoilers being posted hours after the tapings.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Oh snap now New Nation get 2 days to rule ??????????

  • Si Nicholls

    All depends on the draft for me, and if they are showing SD live in the UK

    Last time around I ended up watching SD every week and Raw just once every few months, because I preferred the wrestlers on SD, Taker, Edge, JBL, Rey etc

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