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Deeper Dive: Superstars Saying No To WWE

The rumors have been out there since the brand extension and split were announced-that WWE was negotiating with a number of former stars to come back, in capacities unknown. Names were dropped. Some names, such as Shelton Benjamin and Jinder Mahal, have indeed returned, or had their return announced. Other names? Not so much. Guys like Tommy Dreamer and MVP have been rumored to be coming back, or at least there was interest expressed by WWE in bringing them back, but there’s been nothing newsworthy to speak of. Tommy Dreamer, in fact, flat out said no to the company.

So, what should we make of it?

For one thing, especially since these guys have all had their runs with the company, there is the easy analysis of saying they just don’t want to do it again. They are older, they may have families, they may not want to be on the road so much, enduring the wear and tear that comes with being a WWE Superstar. That is not a bad reason to say no, especially if you are comfortable with your standing in life. If that was their reasoning for saying no, then so be it.

On the other side of the coin, guys may be interested in coming back (word is MVP is), but at the right price. And, surprising to no one, WWE is low-balling the wrestlers, according to reports. Now, this gets a bit more interesting. On the one hand, it could just be normal negotiations-I want 200,000. They offer 100,000. We negotiate and settle in the middle. To that end, I don’t get concerned-negotiations happen all the time, often get heated, and rarely is everyone happy with the first sets of numbers exchanged. But-and this is especially true when you are a more established star-if the opening salvo is perceived to be too low, it can be taken as an insult, and could kill any negotiations for a while. And it sounds like, at least in some cases, that may be happening. So what do I make of it?

Either these former stars think they are worth more than they got offered. Or WWE doesn’t see them as being as valuable as the wrestlers do. It’s probably somewhere in the middle. I mean, MVP probably feels he could be a top draw for them, but he never, on a WWE stage, really proved that. And they aren’t looking for that from him now. So why would they pay him that? On the flip side, if an established Superstar, say Kurt Angle, came back? His is an easier negotiation, because of his track record, marketability, and everyone knowing what his limited role would be.

At the end of the day? More than likely it’s just negotiations as usual. Just, with the advent of social media, everyone is sharing a lot more information and dissecting it (We being no different). The way I see it, these are just how the negotiations will go. If MVP wants to be in WWE, and WWE wants him back? Then the deal will eventually get done. And if it doesn’t? Then it wasn’t meant to be.

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