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Deeper Dive: Does Time Off Help Reigns?

Serious question folks: Does Roman’s 30 day suspension have a chance to help him?

Stop laughing and hear me out.

I think it’s safe to say that at times over the last 18 months or so, we’ve all seen and heard enough of Mr. Reigns. There were a few times, perhaps, where it seemed like the WWE Universe was just about to embrace him as a top star, but every time things got close? Fans woke up and began to boo louder than ever. So isn’t it possible, then, that some time off, out of the spotlight and when not being shoved down people’s throats, that the time away could help Reigns?

I think it’s a plausible notion.

But I don’t think this helps him here. Not unless somehow this one lasts longer than 3o days, which I doubt.

Nope, if anything I think this violation may motivate folks to actually turn him heel. Like, they already hate him, and now they are going to think that maybe, just maybe, he got to where he is today thanks to some pharmaceutically enhanced muscles. And if fans think that-or worse, if the news breaks that that’s what he got busted for-then forget it. Roman Reigns’ days as a top babyface in WWE will be gone, at least for the foreseeable future.

So, back to my original point. Does time off help Reigns?

It could, but not in the way he’d probably want.

It helps him because, hopefully, this forces WWE’s hand-insofar as, it makes them defecate or vacate. As in, either embrace the heat and go full heel, or baffle everyone and keep the heat on a face. Really and truly, the right move-perhaps the only one-is to turn him heel and see where that goes.

I certainly don’t think it would be any worse than what fans think of him now!

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  • Mike

    His suspension would of had nothing to do with steroids. I think that wwe offers harsher punishment and an immediate firing for that.

  • That boy Alejandro

    The only think that will help reigns is if he turns heel but then again idk if anything will help, the guy gets booed worst than anybody i’ve seen.

  • Mark B.

    Just think. If it was not for this 30 day suspension. Reigns would still be champion right now. WWE knew of this before Money In The Bank and decided to strip Reigns of the title and 30 days suspension.

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    IDK but I’ve seen some of the funniest memes these past few days lol

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation


  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Let’s face it people ITS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t see people go to bat for Adam Rose like this.Damn. Let’s be honest I’m pretty sure it was probably some over the counter supplement, but considering what the NFL and MLB have gone through with athletes NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT ISH. I actually blame Vince for putting pressure on BumMan to be the “savior” but ultimately I blame Reigns for trying to gain an edge on the competition but also for proving me right with yo bum azz ????????????

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