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Deeper Dive: Tough Luck, John Cena

As news broke that John Cena was once again heading to Dr. James Andrews, I couldn’t help but think: if it weren’t for bad luck, some folks might have no luck at all.

After all, here’s a guy who usually didn’t take much time off, unless he was injured. And finally, for any number of reasons, he decided that in the Fall of 2015, it was time and he was taking time off. No injuries, just time off. And only a couple weeks ago, he came back. By all accounts, he was likely going to be a factor in the top of the card, possibly even challenging Roman Reigns for his WWE title.

But now? 2 weeks after coming back, he’s getting time off again, this time for the worst reason.

No matter how you feel about Cena, and we all know how polarizing he is, you cannot deny his value to WWE, nor can you deny that his 2015 was pretty good. Losing him for any portion of 2016 will hurt, especially if it’s most, or all, of WrestleMania season.

And then there’s feeling bad for WWE. For the second time in a row, when preparing for one of their Big Four PPV, they are losing a major star. The silver lining here is that Cena was not holding a major championship at the time, nor had any plans been announced publicly, so WWE has a chance to regroup and come out of this OK. Plus, many would argue that, by having to do this without Cena, it presents an opportunity for the stars either underutilized on the main roster, or waiting for a chance to jump up from NXT. When one guy goes down, there has to be someone ready to rise up, and WWE absolutely has depth. However, there is only one John Cena. So it makes things interesting. Certainly different.

I keep saying to myself that, in a perfect world, WWE avoids pressing the panic button and weathers the storm. The new guys, the young guys, step up and acquit themselves as well as-or better-than anyone could have hoped for. And whenever Cena comes back, he’s finding that WWE is even less inclined to be reliant on him. And that truly would be best for everyone. Learning to live, to thrive, in a WWE without John Cena has to happen sooner or later. The fans, at least half, hope for sooner. With new signees like James Storm and Samoa Joe-proven wrestlers from other companies, alongside NXT top guys like Finn Balor and others rumored to be on their way, there are surely options.

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