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Deeper Dive: Welcome Back, Cruisers

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For those who might have missed it, there were a bunch of news bits out of a recent RAW. One of the more notable items? The Cruiserweight division is returning, exclusively to the RAW broadcasts.

Now, knowing the WWE Network has been broadcasting the Cruiserweight Classic, folks had to expect that something bigger was coming, or at least, had the chances of coming. So now that WWE has confirmed that we will get more than just a one-off Network special featuring these speedy Superstars, what does it all mean? What questions remain?

Honestly, right now, I am pretty much all questions…

1-Why make the division a RAW exclusive?

2-Will there be an exclusive division for SmackDown?

3-What stars might benefit, or emerge?

Now, to answer these in order…

First and foremost, each brand will want to have it’s hook. You need to draw fans in, somehow some way. Now, RAW is RAW, but even then, you need to keep it fresh. So by adding something it will have, but no other show will? There’s a definite hook. Now, the bigger question is: will the cruiserweights be enough of a hook? People like to point to the success that the division had on WCW Nitro, but when you say that you must also consider that, at the time, the division employed some of the best wrestlers in the last 30 years. Not in the division, but pound for pound, period. Seriously, WCW was loaded with the cruiserweights. Now, that being said, I think there’s a ton of talent, between who’s been signed, who’s already on the main roster and who could rise up from NXT. So while I don’t know that the talent will be comparable, I also don’t know that it won’t, either. I know that there are guys like Neville, Johnny Gargano and others who should benefit greatly. But more on that for answer #3.

Second? I have to think that, for now, there won’t be. I mean, what division would be left? Unless WWE gave SmackDown the women or the tag teams, I don’t see it happening. And I wouldn’t make either exclusive to a brand, for various reasons. For the women, it would be insulting to limit them to only one show-they’ve come too far and done too much, they deserve both shows. For tag teams? This, right now, is probably the best the division has been in like, 15 years. Overall, there are a number of strong teams, people care about the teams and the matches, so don’t screw that up by only putting it on one show. I think the answer might be to have some bigger star be exclusive to SmackDown, but for now that may be why Daniel Bryan is the GM. I mean, I love Foley and all, but of the two GMs, one show’s is a lot more popular than the other. Not that you tune in for the GM…

Third, I think there are a number of guys already under contract with WWE who will stand to benefit greatly. Guys like Neville, as I mentioned before. While he’s had no issues having stellar matches against bigger guys, he and so many others are put in a bad spot when there is no weight class for them. Look at a chunk of the NXT roster, and yes I will specifically call out Johnny Wrestling. These guys are the true stars. They wrestle, they fly, they can counter and wow the crowds. I am speaking from personal experience here: when ECW rose to prominence, while the tables and chairs and violence got people watching, they stuck around because they got to see guys like Dean Malenko show off move after incredible move, regardless of his size. So I don’t know specifically who will benefit, or shine, but I think having the division opens a lot of doors for a lot of guys to shine, and that’s what is needed. I hope we don’t get a RAW and SmackDown Heavyweight title, but I am totally fine with adding a Cruiserweight title because, honestly, I think there is a lot of talent in that group, they deserve something to fight for.

With the draft just hours away, there are plenty of new reasons to be excited for the splt!

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  • Mike

    I think it’s mainly because raw is a longer show. I don’t see an exclusive for smackdown. However I see smackdown naming a women’s championship and a smackdown tag team championship possibly as early as
    Tomorrow night. There are lots of good teams
    On smackdown they need championships, the same goes for the women, Becky, Nattie, naomi(I think) carmella, Alexa bliss I
    Would also bring Bayley to smackdown soon as I feel that women’s roster needs way more of a boost than raws. Same goes for new nxt teams I would certainly bring them to smackdown for a little while.

    • Bite Me You Loser

      Right RAW has the 1 hour advantage over SD, so SD really just needs a tag title and it’s fine. What I worry about for the cruiserweight division is lack of tv time. Will WWE promote it for months only to eventually bury it like they did by having Hornswoggle win the title years ago?

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