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Deeper Dive: Welcome Back, Kurt Angle?

There’s a story making rounds that Kurt Angle and Triple H have spoken, and apparently have a loose verbal agreement for his return-at some point-to WWE. This isn’t obviously making massive headlines yet, for the simple fact that it’s all verbal, nothing has been inked, so minds and decisions can still be changed.

So, what does it all mean? When might we see Kurt?

Nowadays, the speculation, at least in the short term, is whether or not Angle would factor into the brand split coming in July. I have to say, I doubt it. He’s been pretty forward about taking limited bookings (four, all booked) this year, so unless he’s coming back in to serve on commentary or to become a show GM, I doubt there’s any rush to bring him back immediately.

Now, there is a good time this Summer to bring him back in some role. That would be around the Summer Games, something Angle knows plenty about. But, even though WWE airs on USA, which is part of the NBCU portfolio (and NBCU is broadcasting the Games), this one is also probably a long shot.

How would I do it? There’s one obvious way, and one I consider outside the box.

The obvious one is to have Kurt involve himself in the United States title picture-assuming you want to get him back over as a patriotic face. But I can’t see him getting too physical anytime soon, so while this is obvious, I consider this a long shot.

What is the outside the box option? Well, we have a young tag team in NXT, one whose background is heavily leaning toward the amateur/Olympic style. And, this same young team just got waxed by a new team managed by Paul Ellering. Now, as far as I can recall, Ellering and Angle never crossed paths, but that doesn’t mean that Angle couldn’t come back, specifically to initially work with American Alpha, before eventually easing onto a main roster farewell tour.

Or, there’s a chance we don’t see Angle until he’s a surprise entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble. Or later. But I, for one, am excited about the chances of an Angle return, and what it could mean, even in the short term.

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  • Meg Matthews

    Can he wrestle or is he not medically cleared to? I haven’t really followed what’s been going on with him

    • jcice13

      I believe he’s already wrestled after leaving TNA and doesn’t he have a match with Cody Rhodes in august in pennsylvania?

      • Meg Matthews

        Forgot bout that, said Rhodes no compete expires August 19th.

        Entitled “Wrestling Under the Stars V,” NEW’s largest annual show also boasts another first-time ever dream match in the semi-main event, when former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy takes on the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger. Also announced for the show are Matt Hardy, Mike Bennett, Kamaitachi, Sami Callihan, and appearances by Mick Foley and Jerry Lawler.

        • jcice13

          what are you doing? are you part of the group promoting the show??? do we also get tickets to cecil county drag way with the purchase of tickets to this show?

          • Meg Matthews

            As I live in the UK & never heard of the company no i thought you’d be interested maybe I shouldn’t have bothered ?

          • jcice13

            unfortunately because of the vast amount of people who are disrespectful and nasty to others when someone makes a joke it is taken the wrong way..I was just kidding around with you Meg, and of course I had no idea you were from the UK so the cecil county drag way joke had no chance of you getting it…..again I was just kidding around and good luck with your brexit

          • Meg Matthews

            I though most people did know, my bad. & yeah ya right some nasty people on here (I’ve experienced it)

            A majority vote out of the EU & mon night England get kicked out of the euros by Iceland (leaving 2 Euros in a few days sad times for some lol) people are complaining about the results of the Brexit should have done more in the voting ??

          • jcice13

            well I am not going to pretend I know what’s going on there but from what has been reported here to us and seeing what people have said to reporters on the news a lot of folks had no idea of a lot of things .some even thought they could have another vote, some said they voted to exit because they didn’t think it was real and some even said they voted to leave and had no idea what they voted on‚Ķ at least here in america we’re keeping up that tradition of our former ruling country

          • Meg Matthews

            It’s gone over my head tbh but people being how they are would have moaned if they’d stayed in aswell, now cause we’re leaving the EU the prime minister quit. But guess you have your own election worried over there, is it between trump & clinton or are there more likely candidates?

  • Mike

    I don’t see the appeal in bringing him
    Back as a gm or on screen non wrestling role. He isn’t the best on the mic these days. If he was to come back, he needs to be built as the greatest pure wrestler to ever live. Wrestle part time like lesnar, but the difference would be he would put more people over. Angle isn’t the draw or the beast that Brock is, so he can’t come back and just be an unbeatable monster. However he shouldn’t lose for a while at first. The person that first goes over him would a huge rub.

  • Mean Dean

    They had their chance in making rusev or del rio into the ultimate anti American heels, but failed, only then, if they had an indestructible anti American heel, would a Angle return make sense

  • jcice13

    is he? isn’t he? I just read the other day that there was no way he’s coming back to the WWE and now this? so obviously no one knows for sure except Kurt and Vince

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