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WrestleMania Deja Vu All Over Again?

With WrestleMania in hours, anyone who writes about sports entertainment is bound to be analyzing the card and thinking about what might happen. And, in that respect, I am guilty as charged.

In this instance, I am pondering the Hell In A Cell match pitting The Undertaker against the prodigal son, Shane McMahon. And honestly, the main thought that hit me? Will this match be similar to last year’s bout between¬† Sting and Hunter.

Similar, in the sense that the match itself was OK, but much more about the moment than the match. It wasn’t so much how Sting looked in the ring, but the fact that there was Sting, in a WWE ring, for WrestleMania. So while I realize that both men have been here before,¬† a part of me wonders if the events surrounding the match won’t be more meaningful than the match itself. Specifically where I think this match will parallel last year’s? The run-ins.

Who could forget, DX coming to aid Hunter, while the New World Order did the same for Sting. And let’s be honest, most of the fans popped for that, and it all just worked. The match wasn’t intended to be a technical wonder. It was never going to be up for match of the year. No one would ever confuse it with Steamboat and Savage, or any number of other WrestleMania classics. And WWE executives were totally fine with it, because Sting got his moment and that was that.

Now, for this one, there’s no need for the sentimentality. But there’s plenty of chances for run-ins, and I do think that, with the stipulation of it’s win or go home for Undertaker, I fully expect outside interference, and possibly for both men.

So who do I think we could see tonight?

Linda McMahon: And why not? She is, of course, Shane’s mother and Vince’s wife. I figure she’s going to be involved in one of two ways. One, she is defending her son from her husband. Or, second, she wants to make sure she finds out whatever leverage Shane had on Vince.

The Mean Street Posse: Here’s a group that hasn’t done much of anything outside of being used with Shane. If they can still take a bump, they’d be useful as a way to get some insane spots on the radar.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Outside of a time or two, Austin has been no big fan of The Authority. At WrestleMania, in his home state? I have to imagine how much fun Austin could have, messing with McMahon.

The Rock: We know he’s coming to Dallas-it was announced an eternity ago. We just don’t know what he’s doing. He’s another man who, for most of his career, has no love lost with The Authority.

The Wild Cards: Guys like Sting, Cena or Bray Wyatt all come to mind. Sting is more than likely not happening, just because of his injury and recent retirement. Cena? It’d be a really fast return from shoulder surgery, but it is absolutely possible. And Bray? He laid his own groundwork a few weeks back, as he and Hunter shared a bit of a moment.

I honestly think that, outside of who wins and loses, much of the success of this match depends on how the run-ins go. For many of us, it’s a chance to take a drip down memory lane, and WWE has done a solid job of handling those trips of late. Here’s imagining that this match is no different. It definitely needs something extra, because it is really hard to imagine Shane, a businessman, someone who has not wrestled in a long time, surviving against a man who is 22-1 all time at WrestleMania, and whom is a certain Hall of Famer, sooner rather than later.

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  • Si Nicholls

    I don’t mind about run-in’s interference or Shane doing an elbow drop from the top of the cell, I would of thought we will see all of those. The out come of this match has to be linked to the outcome of the boring match earlier in the night. Depending who wins out of original or 3.0 will directly affect the outcome of this one. If HHH wins then so does Shane, If Roman wins then Taker does, as both scenarios take this storyline onto Summerslam and a brand split

  • Darda Cook

    everyone was talking about how sting is going to do a run in on taker and shane,
    as his fare well, but here is my 2 cents, I am thinking sting runs in on the Triple hhh
    and reigns match too cost hunter the match as a final nail in the coffin for the fight for wcw
    Sting will always be WCW no matter what hat he wears


      What if he isn’t actually retiring and it was just a work??? *Gasp* lol

      • Darda Cook

        nawh ?
        he is gone the only question is what will
        the period at the end of the sentence look like


          Well,idk what the period will look like. Lets figure it.

  • Tannim

    Cena runs in on Taker-Shane, Rollins runs on on HHH-Reigns and turns face on the Authority.

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