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Demon King Debut: Could It Have Waited Until SummerSlam?

The August 15th edition of Monday Night RAW was mediocre at best, other than some minor highlights: the women’s match, Neville’s slip up as he entered the ring and flawless (as usual) Red Arrow finisher, a fan invading the ring during Seth Rollins promo, and of course, the debut of the Demon King. But, much like the main event that pitted Rusev versus Roman Reigns (a match that is also scheduled for SummerSlam), many within the WWE Universe were quick to ask the question on social media: why wasn’t the Demon King’s debut held off for SummerSlam?

I get most in the WWE Universe have seen or are familiar with Finn Balor’s alter ego from NXT. And, per se, even those who don’t watch NXT regularly have seen DK’s entrance from video footage. Still, I’m with the group that thinks the WWE should’ve held off, and waited until SummerSlam for his main roster debut; or at the very least, the Demon King’s entrance, from the ramp to the ring. I really do think a scenario could’ve been concocted where, the Seth Rollins and DK still faced off, to hype up their match, and introduce mass RAW audiences to the DK character, without having him come all the way down to the ring. It’s been done before with Sting, Bray Wyatt, and The Undertaker; blackout lights for a few minutes, and then the Demon King would appear. And that scenario is not so clichéd or playout, that it wouldn’t work. In many ways, I think the fans (both at home and in the arena) still look forward to it; even though they know what’s coming.

It’s odd, just how magical Demon King’s entrance is. I remember seeing it for the first time late in 2014 during an TakeOver event, and being mesmerized by it all. Watching it last night, I felt those same goosebumps; I’m sure I feel them again come Sunday. It’s not a feeling that can slip away, or get old (much like Wyatt’s entrance, and of course, The Undertaker’s), so on the one hand, I do understand and appreciate the reasoning behind the Monday Night RAW debut. In many ways, the entrance may mean more now, to those who weren’t familiar with it, in the past. Besides, won’t it be a tad more jacked up, with a little bit more splendor? It is SummerSlam after all. I assume that all the pomp and circumstance will be added when Demon King, enters that ring.

It’s just with Finn Balor entering the main roster, and hype around his alter ego, which in the past, clearly only comes out during special occasions, the RAW debut, was anti-climatic. To boot, not having the entire scenario roll out, to the close the show, in my opinion, was another fail on the WWE’s part. The Rusev versus Roman Reigns match was alright (speaking of waiting until SummerSlam, though … honestly RAW Creative …); still, something as big as the debut of the Demon King, and the way that promo ended in general, with DK still in the ring, and Rollins running away, would have been the perfect way to end RAW.

WNZ fans! What are your thoughts? Should the WWE have waited to debut the Demon King at SummerSlam? Should it have, at the very least, closed the show? Leave your comments below!

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