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Dissecting Money In The Bank Contract Match

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I’m not sure who on the creative team came up with the promo on the June 6th edition of Monday Night RAW, but opening the show with all the Money in the Bank (MITB) participants was simply, brilliant. And their banter back and forth was not only interesting, but also humorous and entertaining.

There is a slew of incredible competitors in this year’s MITB briefcase match, that all make excellent number one contenders, and deserve to be in the title race picture. Some lead the pack to win the contract more than others, but each deserves a spot in the match.

It’s great that officials see Sammy Zayn as MITB worthy, but when it comes to his odds of winning the contract, he is still far too fresh on the roster to take the prize home. On the other side of the spectrum, Y2J is more than accomplished to hold the title of Mr. MITB, almost falls into the scenario of having a little ‘too much’ experience for the job; so he seems out of the realistic picture to grab that contract, and in many ways I view Alberto Del Rio falling into this category as well. We’d all love to see Cesaro grab that contract, but what are the odds that the brass sees him that much differently than say, six months ago? Here’s hoping. He’s always been over with the crowd, has gained a lot of momentum since his return from injury, his 007 schtick is great, and he’s improved tremendously on the mic … but is that enough (when it comes to the office) to hand over the briefcase?

Then we are left with Dean Ambrose, and Kevin Owens. The thing is, I keep swaying back and forth when it comes to these two, and MITB (and then bounce back to Cesaro). Ambrose has been in the title race picture before, he’s well over with the fans, and many would love to see him not only win the MITB match, but also eventually move on to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However, Ambrose has been so close to tasting the holy grail of WWE gold this past year, only to skip back. He was one of the final two men left in the ring at the 2016 Royal Rumble; oh-so close to becoming champion when it slipped through his fingers. Ambrose was part of the Triple Threat Fastlane match to determine a number one contender for Wrestlemania 32, and he also fought WWE Champion HHH for the title during the WWE Network Special, Roadblock. I do believe that Ambrose will be WWE Champion, and while I’d prefer it sooner, rather than later; I don’t think the time is now, and I don’t think its through MITB. I almost feel like he doesn’t need the MITB contract, to become champ.

That leaves one superstar left … Kevin Owens.

And Owens is really on a roll right now. Just over a year on the main roster, he’s two-time Intercontinental champion, with an accolade of beating John Cena under his belt (cleanly, I may add). He’s one of the most dominant heels in the company right now, and he plays his part well (even on Twitter). If I had to make an early prediction of the MITB winner, I put all my chips against Owens, as I feel that the contract is the natural progressive step forward for this incredible superstar. It’s more than just impressing Triple H, Owens has taken the ball and ran with it. Is confident in his character, on the mic, and more importantly, is impressive in the ring.

WNZ fans! Any early predictions on your part? Who do you think will walk away with the MITB contract?

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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    The first paragraph..no no. that segment was asinine. Nice article regardless. My take on it is that Cesaro or Owens are the only ones deserving of that spot right now.

    Zayn still nees to establish his underdog type character more like a Daniel Bryan, he could get there, but he’s not there yet. Y2J and Del Rio, makes no sense whatsoever, unless someone high up has a real hard on for one of them.

    Ambrose has been phoning it in all of 2016 and maybe late 2015. He is just going through the motions. There isn’t that extra effort to really do something to standout, expand his character and so on, like lets say Owens.. His matches die down really quick from the start. Even some fans now are realizing this and boo him .

    Honestly even though I said owens and Cesaro, I rather see Owens with it. The guy is on another level above everybody else right now.

  • Mike

    I believe ambrose walks away from mitb as money in the bank holder. You know he could walk away wwe champion. Maybe he cashes in during the Rollins v reigns title match or on the winner (probably reigns). Ambrose Owens or cesaro will win, but I don’t believe it’s cesaros time just yet. That leave ambrose and Owens for me as the likeliest winners, I’d like to see ambrose win, he’s the most deserving guy, he wins almost every match he is in. the crowd love him and he is brilliant in every aspect of what he does.

  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    Bray Wyatt has been cleared I heard!! #LetBrayBeGreat

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