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Dissecting The New Era And New Championship Opportunities

From as long as I can remember, I’ve been ranting and raving about giving championships and opportunities to talents that have earned it and changing things up for Wrestlemania during the pay-per-views (PPV) post-Royal Rumble. Well, the WWE shut me up in one fell swoop last night at the 2017 Elimination Chamber.

For the most part, the WWE Universe has seen Wrestlemania plans etched in stone after the Rumble winner is declared, but this year things have been shaping up different; and I couldn’t be more pleased. Last night’s PPV may have not been the best in history, but the Elimination Chamber match was incredible and the outcome was even better. To place that WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Bray Wyatt’s shoulder, in such a clean fashion, was not only a testament to how the WWE views Bray for all the dues he’s paid, but also speaks volumes around the current push he is experiencing.

Heel Wyatt not only won the WWE title last night, he did so cleanly and by pinning not only John Cena, but also AJ Styles. This is huge. Two of the biggest names in pro wrestling for this generation, WWE or otherwise, and Wyatt pinned them both, in one night … one match … one after the other. And not only is Wyatt champion, but he’s heading onto the Grandest Stage of Them All to headline Wrestlemania; an event where he only participated in a promo last year and was beaten down by The Rock and John Cena. An event he’s generally been an afterthought for. An even he’s never been able to truly shine in. It would be incredible to see him close the event, but at this point, where ever his match falls, I consider it a huge success and a clear indication that Wyatt has finally climbed that WWE mountain and nailed it. Will he stay on top? Again, while I’d love to see a long and strong, reign, how he won and where he’s headed is a huge milestone for this superstar. Without a clear indication on how things are going to roll out come Tuesday – will a feud unravel between Wyatt and Orton, who will turn on whom (does it matter) – for now I am quite content about the results of the Elimination Chamber and where Bray Wyatt stands.

Speaking of standings, I’m shocked that my own little prediction of Naomi becoming the next SmackDown LIVE Women’s Champion actually came to fruition. Yes, leading up to the event I was hoping and praying. I also saw the betting odds on the Sunday morning before the PPV, but did fluff it off, and while I was hoping for a Naomi win; I wasn’t holding my breath. Leading into the Elimination Chamber match Naomi had two wins on Alexa Bliss, which almost reads as a guaranteed loss in most WWE storylines when approaching a PPV match. Alas, Naomi surprised us all and is now the champ. Well-deserved and you can tell just how much, based on the outpouring of tweets that exploded after she pinned Bliss last night.

Naomi is headed to Orlando, her home town, as women’s champion to walk down that ramp for a hero’s welcome. She is absolutely living not only her dream when she does this, but the dreams of many of her fans and other superstars that can only wish to have the same happen to them (if and when) all the moons and stars align: to not only have a spot at Wrestlemania, not only be the champ, but perform in front of your home town. #Goosebumps I’m very interested in seeing what kind of championship reign is in store for this woman who has waited patiently for the spotlight … and is sure to shine.

But above all this, it feels like we, the WWE fans, are living in a dream, when it comes to the new era. This time last year, did it ever seem possible that Bray Wyatt, Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens, or even AJ Styles could hold high-level gold within the company? What about Dean Ambrose? Yes, a year makes a huge difference, not only with how far superstars have come, but also with the direction the WWE is going. This new era, this breakdown in two separate brands, has truly opened doors for many superstars to shine; doors that may not have been afforded with the limited number of titles considering the amount of talent on the main roster. It ends up being a win-win situation. Main event talents are honed, each superstar is allowed the ability to connect with fans and their own specific demographics, merchandise is positively affected, but moreover fans get a taste of seeing their favs achieve the ultimate success. It creates a positive feeling for all involved, as their success feels like ours as well.

While the only minor downfall maybe a feeling of quickie titles reigns, that cheapen the title win, if Creative makes an effort to produce quality programs within these championship runs, and continues to push superstars (like in the case Wyatt’s win against Cena and Styles), or break records (such as Cena’s 16-time historic Royal Rumble win), perhaps these reigns can still create a huge impact in the grand scheme of things, down the line.

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    Looks like HHH’s fat dude obsession has taken over Vince’s muscle dude obsession.
    Fat Owens Fat = UHC
    Fat Wyatt = WWEC
    Quick ascension of Fat Botch Joe to the main roster despite his record of injuring his colleagues being much longer than Goldberg’s botch list.

    • Mike

      You’re way to obssed with fatness. Be concerned with ability to wrestle and entertain which all three of those terrific superstars you mentioned have. Who cares if they’re not jacked in great shape.

      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

        I guarantee he’s a fat azz that’s why he’s critical

        • Fat Owens Fat

          “ohh the horror, its soo bad, I was verbally attacked ohhhh noooo” – IMMAD 2016. #StillRemember.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        What’s an obssed? It doesn’t even look like a typo man. Did you invent a new word?

        Also “ability to wrestle and entertain”? Is that why you lot skip the cruiserweight matches despite them pulling off like 15-20 moves in every match at lightning pace? Ohh wait.

        “Who cares if they’re not in great shape”. Lmao, its rather ironic how many guys mock Vince over here for picking guys in shape but I do a few fat guy jokes and suddenly its all a bunch of crybabies running to defend the body shape. Doesn’t that make you lot a bunch of hypocrites? You guys keep mocking big build muscular guys yet somebody mocks the out of shape wrestlers and suddenly its “who cares about the body?”

        Hey remember the times Goldberg was mocked for ending sHitman Fart’s career because of an injury? Remember when guys like Sheamus and Ryback were called reckless? Here’s a fat Samoan who’s had a reckless history of injuring more talents than they did yet everybody acts chill for some weird reason lol.

        • Mike

          I meant obsessed. Also I don’t know who you lot are? I don’t ever skip crusierweight matches, in fact I watch all of raw, sd,205 live and nxt without skipping any segment I believe all true fans should do that as well. It’s not about making fun of muscle bound guys or big guys, those muscleboynd guys were being pushed hard, only due to their look and not because of talent in the ring or strong mic work ect, while there is a place to push someone eith a great look, they must have the skills needed these days, look at strowman and how much better he is than a year ago. Before he wouldn’t of needed to evenBother improving he would of been pushed to the moon regardless. Now it’s not about body type so much but about ability, weather you can get over and weather you’re skilled in the ring and on the mic. You really
          Think guys are being pushed because they do have some
          Body fat and they look like an every man? No it’s because people like them and they’re very good and well rounded. This era is more about skill and talent than about a look, and that’s great! Would you really like Owens, wyatt or
          Joe more if they had six packs ? If so that’s pathetic. Joe did hurt Rollins but it was no way his fault, neither was Kidd that was unlucky. He works an aggressive style, a lot of wrestlers have come out and said they love working with joe and they know they can put on great matches with him. Hbk said if he could work with anyone now it would be joe, You really Think he would say that if he thought joe would injure him. Why not try focusing on talent. You are essentially becoming Vince from 10 years ago.

          • Fat Owens Fat

            Yeah umm how many promos has Joe cut in NXT to deserve a main event debut? Umm sorry, not buying your Joe injury list defense. If Goldberg can be ridiculed all his non wrestling life by you smarks as Goldbotch for that one kick then its rather hypocritical of someone to defend Joe after he put out a handful of them in the hospital. That’s reckless wrestling. You talk about talent, how many guys has HBK injured throughout his 20 something year career? That’s talent.

          • Mike

            Joe is always very strong on the mic and his in ring skills and just bad ass demeanour warrant a main event slot. The question is will people buy his merch will people give him a strong reaction and will he draw, I think the answers are all yes. Again I’m not a smark, I choose who I like, I like joe and Owens and wyatt, I also like john cena and randy Orton and I think reigns has a lot to offer. I like many different people based on my own opinion.

    • Che Lebaron

      Its 2017 and your pic is still “fat Owens fat” Time to grow up yet?

      • Fat Owens Fat

        Lol triggered an internet smark I see. Is Owens not Fat in 2017? Lmfao.

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