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Dissecting The Women’s Triple Threat Match

Who else is excited about the fact that we get another women’s triple threat match, with three of the best female superstars in WWE right now?

Bayley has had an explosive main roster debut, plummeting into the title race picture, and as of last night, she gets a solid chance at adding the WWE Women’s Championship to her resume. When thinking of the Triple Threat match at Clash of Champions (COC), it’s easy to see that it is time for Charlotte’s incredible championship reign and domination to end. She’s done a great job, and I’m sure she’ll taste gold again at some point in her career, but it’s time to move on.

Sasha’s recent title reign was good, but far too short. In a lot of ways, I feel that if she regained the title at Sunday, it would somewhat tarnish Charlotte’s second championship reign, and Bayley’s involvement in the match. Almost like, ‘we were all holding the fort down until you came back’. I love Banks, but it would be far too predictable. I wouldn’t be upset, and depending on how the story unraveled, it may be presented in a glorious manner. I certinaly wouldn’t be devastated in Banks became a two-time Women’s Champ, but there are other outcomes to consider.

So that leaves us with one other …

Bayley has made a smooth and easy transition from NXT. She’s made a strong connection with the fans, and in a lot of ways reminds me of the female version of John Cena. Her ring attire is colorful, she’s got a clean-cut image, and she connects well with WWE’s younger demographic. Actually, the beauty about Bayley is not only do the kids love her, it seems like the adults do too. Seniors, women, men, and even pets stand up and applaud when Bayley enters that ring. All joking aside, everyone loves an underdog story, and with the hints of fangirl-turned-superstar within her persona (that even the announce team make light of), she has most certainly hit fan favorite status in the very short time that she has started working for Team Red.

Some may say it is too soon for her to hold main roster gold, and I may not disagree. But with the recent shift of events in terms of opportunity, the WWE is living in a new era. A time were Finn Balor became the Universal Champion during his very first main roster pay-per-view (PPV) performance (at SummerSlam no less). Not to mention the fact that Kevin Owens is now RAW’s top champ and AJ Styles – a man we never thought would be working in the WWE, let alone a champion – holding WWE World Heavyweight gold.

The ladies’ triple threat match will be incredible. In an ever-changing world where storylines can move quickly, I think it is not bold of me to say that I do see Charlotte dropping the title on Sunday, and it will probably be thanks to Dana Brook. The two feuding is something fans could see coming along from the day the duo aligned … so there may be no surprise there.

But then there is Bayley and Sasha Banks …

These two could move onto a feud, depending on who becomes champion. If Bayley wins, Banks could easily turn on her; and then we’d have a face/heel program. Even if Sasha wins, Bayley could tease a face-on-face program at the end of the match. I could see Banks turning heel, but for some reason it is hard for me to envision that with The Hugger would turn. Regardless, beyond even these two, there are two other variables in the likes of Paige and Emma.

Paige may not be cleared for action (yet), but she’s certainly off her recent suspension and a lot can change between now and Sunday. Emma on the other hand is chomping at the bits to return to the ring. Both have been missed by the WWE Universe. Emma is a heel, so entering a feud with whichever female face that wins the COC’s triple threat makes sense. It is unclear as to whether she is a face or heel at this point, but one big move on Sunday could clear that right up for the fans.

The WWE could also capitalize on Paige’s return by placing her in the title race picture. If (and that’s a BIG ‘if’) Paige is cleared, moving her into a championship program would make sense … if she was on board. Yes, she’s been very flakey and wrapped up in Del Rio as of late. Yes, she’s done a few things that the office may not be too please about. But, she’s also been at the top of her game for many years now, and the fact that she’s been under a spotlight as of late, and speculation as to whether she wanted to stay with the WWE, makes for a fitting storyline, and a program a hot commodity. We all love when the WWE throws bits of reality into a feud, and if Paige can angle her suspension as a company conspiracy, and how she’s had to watch these ‘NXT rookies’ rule RAW, while she was ‘forced’ to watch from home – there may be something big there.

WNZ fans! What do you think about Sunday’s COC Women’s Triple Threat match for the title? How would you dissect it? Any predictions on your end? Leave your comments below!

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