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Dixie Carter Wants You to Understand Her Plight in Life

“Guess what? You are just an employee. That’s it! But we know that you are capable of so much more than that. You’re capable and I am here to make you the best that you can be.

“Get out of my ring! Get of my ring! Go on, you just go on, honey.”

After watching last week’s episode of Impact, I stated that the best advice Dixie Carter could listen to was to burn the tape of that show and not go down the path she is on with her new on-camera angle. It’s not fun watching money marks who are losing a lot of cash panic on weekly television and decide that if the ship is going to sink, at least get some television time on the way out.

I guess we’re in “let it burn” mode now.

Dixie Carter has decided that the best way to address her grievances with critics who have rightly pointed out her failures is to air all the dirty laundry on television and to have Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff help her pour gasoline on the fire. AJ Styles, who should be the focus here, is secondary. He is the number one contender for the TNA belt. He is in the main event for Bound for Glory against Bully Ray.

But you wouldn’t know that he’s the main event player by watching Impact. All you hear is his promoter calling him “The Marginal One” and doesn’t deserve a new contract with the company. What happens if/when he wins the TNA belt a month later? What’s the payoff for Styles? He can’t physically beat up Dixie Carter. What, is the payoff him leaving the organization to show up on the independent circuit with the TNA belt and trash it like Shane Douglas? Is the payoff him leaving TNA with the strap and going to NXT?

That’s the problem with what Dixie Carter is doing. What we’re seeing from her on television is kind of cathartic in a perverse way. It’s the classic money mark power trip. The problem is that if you’re going to be a heel and an authority figure, there has to be a payoff in the end for the fans to care about what they’re watching. I have no idea what that payoff is and neither does Dixie Carter.

She’s getting attacked from all sides and rightfully so. The fans are giving her Sean Waltman-style “you suck, go away” heat. The wrestlers are demoralized. The reaction on social media to her latest television rant was brutal. People aren’t booing Dixie Carter because they respect her. They’re booing her because they see her as someone who is setting her wrestling company on the fire. Jerry Jarrett, the man whose relationship with his son deteriorated over time supposedly because of TNA, is even trashing Dixie for being a vapid daughter of a money mark whose cash he burned through!

How can one wrestling show feature something as great as the back-and-forth between Austin Aries and Kenny King in one segment and Dixie Carter the next? What struck me the most about Kenny King’s promo is that he was mocking Austin Aries for being the future… 10 years ago. I’m sure Mr. King didn’t mean it but when you juxtapose that statement compared to what is happening at the top of the company, it pretty much reveals why there is so much chaos and so much dependence on nostalgia and copying other angles from the past & the present.

A decade ago, New Japan made a decision to rebuild and reload with new talent. Part of that process was going through the boom-bust business cycle and staying disciplined with the program. If you’re going to push a new class of wrestlers, be prepared to stick through it thick and thin. Eventually, the payoff will arrive. After watching New Japan’s G-1 tournament in August, the payoff proved to be spectacular. If you can get your hands on the DVD set, watch what New Japan is doing right now and compare it to what could-have-been for TNA.

And that’s the crazy part about TNA. Despite all the “could-have-been” scenarios with the organization, there’s still talent on the roster that could freshen up the company. There’s still potential. A company that features Austin Aries, Kenny King, Bobby Roode, Frankie Kazarian, Chris Daniels, and Magnus has potential.

But money marks don’t worry about potential when the joy ride is costing them a lot of money.

Hulk Hogan, once again, told the fans that he was going to save the day and fix Dixie Carter’s problems. He showed concerned by air-guitaring his way to the ring an hour early from the last segment and teased everyone. An hour later, he showed up to give AJ Styles a new contract… only for Dixie to tear it apart. While the fans were crapping all over this, Dixie decided to address her critics in a way as silly as Herb Abrams used to trash Dave Meltzer in the early 90s by using a jobber named “Davey Meltzer” that Bruno Sammartino had to mock on television.

“I know you people, you’re not happy with me. And you know what? You must not be, either. But you just don’t understand, and bless your hearts, how can you understand? Because 99% of the people in this world, they’ve never had to live in my world, ever! They don’t know what it’s like, all the decisions and all the obstacles and the heart-wrenching decisions that I’ve had to make. And you know what? All the 99% of you that have so graciously contacted me in the last four-to-five months criticizing me, putting me down. Well, guess what? You need me, you people, you need me. It’s the 1% that create all of your worlds. It’s the 1% that creates your world that you get to live in. While I, on the other hand, I have to suffer the burden. And obviously this is not a popularity contest. I have gone down that road for 11 years and look at what it’s gotten me.”

For someone who calls herself part of the 1% and is channeling the language of the Occupy Wall Street movement, she sure was a tightwad when she only gave $250 to Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign. I guess Hogan & Bischoff cleaned the rest of her bank account out. And here I thought she had big bucks after her comments last week about her daddy’s money keeping AJ Styles from living in a trailer.

All of this behavior is completely self-destructive and the problem with trying to rationalize irrational behavior is that it’s illogical to do so. After Dixie gave Hogan a week to get in line, he quit on television and may or may not come back to the company. Given Dixie’s track record, Hogan will be back soon to draw a new payback.

If the future is now, then the future will remain about the past and will continue to do so. I guess Austin Aries will have to wait another 10 years to become the ace of the company… if TNA is still alive.

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  • stevewizer

    Wow….you realize it’s a storyline and she’s playing a bad guy character right?

    • Aaron

      The storyline is really bad! The storyline is being driven by the problems within TNA!

      • Trey Doss

        might as well take what we can get at least they have aj in the spotlight

      • Damian Starr

        What i’m finding is that there is not really a story, as in wrestling the story is told in the ring, and Dixie being a woman and not a wrestler won’t be wrestling AJ or HH so we only get character development which is like having a sandwich with no bread, it would suck! In years gone by any successful top face/ heel authority figure only works if the authority figure is prepared to get stuck in such as Vince did with SCSA and unfortunately I highly doubt Dixie is going to do that. Also the way they are going has been done and is being done currently in their rival promotion, TNA want to be trying a completely different storyline, with all the components of a story!

    • KingBack

      The problem is that she can’t do it.

      • stevewizer

        Fair enough, I’m not defending her. It just seems like every complaint in this article falls within the context of a wrestling angle. For instance complaining about Dixie saying mean things about AJ….well ya of course she’s calling him marginal, she’s a bad guy getting heat by badmouthing the baby face. I don’t see the problem there. I saw the same complaints about Bully Ray and Chris Sabin. Bad guys say bad, bad things…that’s kinda the whole point.

        I’m not digging the angle and it seems poorly thought out but I appreciate that they’re trying something different at least.

  • Abudadein

    “A decade ago, New Japan….” Vintage Arnold!

  • Devon


  • http://WWW.WrestleNewZ.com/ Bork Lazer Living Legend

    Like always u find some way to bring up NJPW. This is getting really old. By far u are my least favorite column writer on this site.

    • Abudadein

      I bet when Arnold sits down with his family at Christmas, he makes brief mention of NJPW during the meal blessings before they dig into their big turkey dinner.

      • Darsow44

        Knock knock. Who’s there? Zach Arnold. Zach Arnold who? NJPW.

  • Rene Ramirez

    I see a power struggle here like in the WWe when they were going under an Vince started getting involve. To me its looks and sounds Jeff Jarret is coming back and putch Dixie out regaining control and somebody with hard cash backing him up.Who can that be classic Vince here maybe Shane

    • Edynol

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      • Rene Ramirez

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        • Edynol

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