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Do the Wyatts Hold the Answers?


Having had a few days to ponder the way things went down on this past Monday’s RAW, this is the very thought that hit me. Up until now, The Authority has been pretty specific in terms of who was involved-Hunter, Stephanie, Orton as their chosen champion, and The Shield as their hired mercenaries. Sometimes we would see another heel run in and do them a favor as a way of going along with things (Del Rio comes to mind). But, otherwise, that has been the group involved with this angle from a heel perspective. And, of course, their primary target has been Daniel Bryan.

So, what happens Monday night? We see Bryan go off on former mentor HBK, and in the backstage area following that incident, Bryan is attacked by….The Wyatts? OK, at this point, I was just a bit puzzled, though I expected a Kane run-in to help his former partner. No such move happened, which I felt was likely a good thing, as any hinting at a Team Hell No reunion I would have perceived as a demotion for Bryan. Still not sure why The Wyatts did what they did, but at least it seemed like it wasn’t a knock down.

Not long after the Bryan assault, we saw Kane come down to the ring, call out Stephanie and then basically…pledge his allegiance to The Authority, going so far as to give her his mask on his way out. OK, more madness. Is this going to be explained as a mental shift because of the Wyatt attack? Or perhaps Kane will explain his actions as jealousy of Daniel’s success and wanting to undo it? It’s even possible that somehow, the attack on Bryan and Kane’s segment are tied together…

Just when you thought you might be able to make sense of it though…..The Wyatts attacked….CM Punk. That move thoroughly confused me, and many other fans watching. On the one hand, Bray, Luke and Rowan have been randomly attacking wrestlers since they took care of Kane in August. It’s quite possible they justify these two newest targets in a similar fashion. Just random attacks to send a message. Except, they attacked arguably the two biggest faces in WWE right now. We all know this wasn’t random.

So, was this move orchestrated on a higher level than Bray? IE, have their services also been purchased by The Authority, much like The Shield’s? With WWE teasing tension amongst Shield members, could this be seen as an Authority insurance plan? Who was the devil that told Bray to do it, if not a voice in his own head? Immediately, I expected to find out that they were working with HHH and Stephanie, making The Authority all the more formidable.

But what if they are not? Rumors of Vince returning soon have been rampant, but if he is returning, I would expect him to undermine his daughter and son-in-law, not aid and abet them. Or is it someone we either don’t know about yet, or just don’t expect?

Making it all the more interesting is looking at it from the babyface vantage point. Do Daniel Bryan and CM Punk now wind up working together to avenge a common foe? With Survivor Series approaching, it would be wise to start setting up the traditional 4 v 4 or 5 v 5 matchups, and having Bryan and Punk on one team would certainly be a way to set up a main event match. But is that the direction things are going, and is it a good direction for Punk or Bryan?

This all depends, I feel, on whether or not there is any manner of alliance between The Authority and The Wyatts. If there is, then we can still see Bryan in the title picture and going after Orton. But given how we now see two new antagonists for Daniel to deal with after RAW, I am getting the sense that WWE is really going to slide Big Show into the title picture, and keep DB busy with Bray and the family until they want to set up a Bryan/Michaels match–if that is the plan. For Punk, it’s pretty clear that Hell In A Cell wrapped up his Heyman feud for now, so having him get involved with the Wyatts isn’t a bad thing. He will be able to further elevate Bray as one of the up and coming heels, and ought to be able to put on some fresh and compelling matches.

If we were to get some tag matches featuring Bryan and Punk (and possibly a third?) against The Wyatts? I have to believe these could be some good matches too, if only because of how good the two faces are in the ring. It would certainly present a new and fresh program, which can’t be a bad thing. The biggest question to be answered is why both were their victims on Monday, especially Bryan. How things unfold over the coming weeks could go a long way to setting things up for Survivor Series and beyond.

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  • JH

    I think it was Kane ordering those attacks, and if they’re booked to be in a survivors match against a team led by Punk and Bryan I expect Kane to be a surprise 4th member to the Wyatt team.

    • KingBack

      That makes totally sense.
      Bray said ”The devil made me do it” which decribes Kane perfectly.

  • CatchWrestler1

    I could see the Wyatt’s replacing the Shield for the next few months…maybe Triple H and Stephanie come down hard on The Shield for not getting the job done (adding fuel to the disbanding rumors) and hire The Wyatts to do their dirty work…

  • Danny Morgan

    I think its most likely that they are going to give top spots at mania to Bryan and punk and as a result they don’t want to keep Bryan and punk in the title pictures til mania draws closer, if Bryan won the title now and had a run, his mania win (which I believe is what they are going for) wouldn’t be that much of a deal and a payoff.

    To some it may seem like a demotion but I remember Benoit’s rise to mania 20 in the way that they built him up to title picture just before going into the rumble. I think the aim for mania 30 for wwe will be to showcase the future (hopefully I’m right) and using the big sow now for a title hunt is keeping the title picture scene worth watching for many as show is over but creating an interesting arc for punk and Bryan and elevating the Wyatt’s to take us through til probably January.

    The main thing is that this attack was unexpected by many and has left people wanting to find out what’s next? which is exactly the storylines and ideas we want on our tv sets.
    so I am more excited than normally…. lets see where this goes….

  • Padres4life

    The Devil will end up being Triple H, and I hope Bryan and Punk have huge roles in WM..they’re two of the top guys so they’d have to, I mean its Wrestlemania…One of those two has to win the Royal Rumble too. I mean you can’t give the win to Cena, he’s already the WHC, Punk or Bryan are super over with the crowd, so it has to be one of them.

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