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Night of Champions 2013: Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose

Let’s start out by realizing that this is a precipitous drop for Ziggler after being WHC in May/June. The drop from former WHC to midcard is almost Swagger-esque. He’s being punished for comments made during Summerslam. Nonetheless, the punishment isnt nearly as bad as Triple H jobbing to the UW at Wrestlemania. The WWE at least realizes the values inherent in Ziggler and will still keep him on television in a position where he can shine. That brings us to the Ziggler/Ambrose match at NOC for the United States title.

Let’s cast aside the huge issue that many people have with Ziggler not being in the Main Event and focus on the match. Ziggler and Ambrose have great chemistry in the ring together. Their Smackdown match was very good and there’s been tension specifically between these two since Ambrose attacked Ziggler before a match with Ryback a few weeks ago on Raw. Although overlooked, this match could be a show stealer. The match combines two distinct, dynamic, passionate characters and two highly-trained, skilled, athletically gifted wrestlers in one match.

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We have a loudmouth show-off being tasked with trying to take a title from an eccentric, violence-loving malefactor who’s supported by a corporate establishment that’s ruthless and swift in putting down opposition. Although a last-second match, there is more than enough there to create intrigue and appeal among the casual fan. Ziggler’s flashy personality is backed by his in-ring moveset as he has a flashy, showy array of moves that demonstrate his athleticism with aplomb. While Ambrose has move set based around finding out creative ways to inflict pain and wear down the opponent. If Smackdown was any indication, juxtaposing those styles should make for a solid match.

With little build to this match, expect this match to be more about the wrestling than anything else. With these two combatants stepping into the ring against each other, that could only be good. This may turn out to be one of the best wrestled matches of the night. This pairing should be one that we’ll see again in 3 years, when a new guard has taken over the reigns in the WWE, and the stakes will likely be much higher.

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  • Tyler Drummond

    If Ziggler being “punished” means we get Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler on PPV, then this is one case that I’m ok with that.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose will be one of the best matches of the night.

  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    i don’t get the hype about Ambrose… he’s a mediocre rassler at best. I think he’s the worst of The Shield members. And while I like Ziggler he’s got to come up with a better finisher than the Zig Zag. It’s one of the 5 worst finishers currently in the WWE.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Dean Ambrose is one of the best members of The Shield.

    • cubfan4life

      What part dont you get? sure he isnt going to be prolific at the high spots like Rollins or as powerful as Reigns. However he is far and away the best at “storytelling” in the ring and unquestionably the best of the group on the mic.

      As far as Ziggler goes. While the Zig Zag isnt the most devastating looking finisher he can hit it from anywhere. The ultimate question would be if you replace that move what do you replace it with? Cause you can only have so many spears and superkicks.

      • Mrs. Ambrose


      • Iron Mike Sharpe

        Ambrose bores me. Much like the Miz. Yes he’s the best of the 3 on the mic, but what I see is an unpolished rassler who quite honestly shouldn’t have been given a singles title yet. Then again they gave Santino Marella 2 IC reigns so there has been worse.

        • Iron Mike Sharpe

          Corrextion- Ambrose’s finisher is worse than Ziggler’s

        • xXwindsofchangeXx

          Eff that… if Great Khali can be WHC then Dean Ambrose can hold the piddly freaking US Title. Although they need to bust up the Shield to allow Dean Ambrose into situations where he can cut loose on the mic. That’s where his strength is.

        • cubfan4life

          First of all. Its the US title. Not the WWE title. Giving him a run with the US belt is fine.

          Second of all. Youve heard the expression “all sizzle and no steak” well IMO Ambrose is the opposite of that. A lot of his background is in hardcore wrestling. Its hard to incorporate that style into the PG land that is WWE. He has had a handful of great matches. But if youre expecting him to dazzle you with high spots or power moves then you might be bored by him. Thats not who he is. Right now i see him as an early Jake the Snake type guy because of his psychological style in the ring. Once he breaks away from the Shield i think youll see him push that even farther. Right now he cant do everything he wants to yet because of the Shield gimmick. Once that ends youll see what he can really do.

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