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Dolph Ziggler Finally Re-Enters Title Picture Scene

What a week to be a WWE fan. Creative killed it with their debuting RAW and SmackDown brand shows, and the two least likely contenders for the RAW Championship (just can’t bring my self to write ‘Universal’ yet) and WWE Championship, ended up surprising everyone, by entering the title picture.

Now, Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler are incredibly talented. The only reason I thought Balor wouldn’t make it to SummerSlam, was simply because the July 25th edition of RAW was his first on the main roster. However, Finn proved to be a cut above the rest; and WWE brass clearly are high on the up-and-coming superstar.

The reason I didn’t place my bets on Dolph Ziggler becoming number one contender during the six-pack challenge, was for very different reasons. Yes, he’s certainly not green to the organization. I love him, and I love the idea that he is finally getting a push, and into a title picture program. Still, I naturally thought Creative would push for a face/heel program for Dean Ambrose’s title defence at SummerSlam; but all that aside, Dolph gets placed in theses types of matches all the time, and never wins. For the longest time, it felt like he was a spot-filler for contender or Money in the Bank matches; like, he needs to be there to fill the spot, but no one thought of him as a true contender. And not because of anything less than, the perception of how the office views Ziggler. Fans debate endless on social media and this site about why Ziggler isn’t given a push. To boot, at times it seems as he is about to be given a push (i.e. Survivor Series 2014) … and then for one reason or another, the program fizzles. Even his feuds as of late, have not been stellar, despite the fact that he is still entertaining on the mic and in that ring.

But after SmackDown LIVE, it seems as if things are changing for Ziggler.

It was almost surreal watching Ziggler pin AJ Styles on Tuesday night. I My bets were placed on John Cena or AJ Styles to come out victorious, and I almost didn’t believe what I was seeing. It’s been a long time coming; Ziggler hasn’t been in a title race program, since 2012; despite the fact that so many fans have wanted to see this, for oh-so long.

He’s definitely deserving of this, and with this new era in the WWE, it seems like for the first time, in a long time, WWE Creative or brass (or both), are finally listening to the fans. Many have been patiently waiting for Ziggler to get a push, and while I’m not sure of his real chances of winning the title at SummerSlam; it is exciting for him and his fans, to see him take center stage again. At the end of the day, who knows what this Ambrose/Ziggler program will develop into. It could be a one-time deal, or something that grows into a feud that will extend to a couple of pay-per-views.

The match between these Ambrose and Ziggler will be incredible, no denying that. The promos might also be solid, depending their chemistry. I’m just excited to be able to dive into this, come Tuesday night, and see how this program unfolds.

WNZ fans! What are your thoughts on Dolph Ziggler becoming #1 contender for the WWE Championship?

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    For this to work Ziggler is due for a long due Heel turn. As a face he’s done a great job, but it’s now time for him to get back to his arrogant side. Even if he doesn’t win the title, a change will give him a fresh start.

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