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Dolph Ziggler: What If He Never Cashes In Money in the Bank?

Ziggler Briefcase

In one of the less shocking moves in WWE, Dolph Ziggler won the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank briefcase at the July 2012 pay-per-view. While there was some focus on when he would cash in following that night, it was after John Cena cashed in the WWE Championship briefcase that all eyes were on Ziggler.

Although John Cena failed in his attempt to win the WWE title after cashing in at Raw 1000, it has been widely expected that Ziggler would be successful when he cashes in. However, have you ever thought about the possibility of Dolph Ziggler never cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase?

While some may think that Ziggler’s Money in the Bank briefcase expires at WrestleMania, the contract is for one year. This means that the briefcase actually doesn’t expire until July 2013 at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. That leaves just four months for Ziggler to cash in. It is completely possible that Ziggler runs out of time to cash in.

My co-host on Oh You Didn’t Know Radio, John “JCD” Dimiceli, brought up the idea of Ziggler’s briefcase expiring come July. It would certainly do a lot of damage to Ziggler’s character, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

Ziggler is finally in a situation where he is leading a group. He has the top diva on his side in AJ Lee and the next up and coming bodyguard in Big E Langston. This threesome has future of WWE written all over them. However, it was just a few weeks ago that the threesome were completely absent from Raw. Ziggler also continues to lose to superstars like Ryback, Kane and Sheamus.

Team Ziggler

Ziggler has attempted to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on numerous occasions, only to be stopped by John Cena, Randy Orton and Ricardo Rodriguez among others. One popular thought is to see Dolph Ziggler cash in at WrestleMania. He would be the first superstar to cash in at the show of shows, but there are two superstars in the World Heavyweight Championship spotlight that may not be leaving anytime soon.

Alberto Del Rio has gotten over with the WWE Universe much more as a babyface than heel and WWE may want his reign to continue. With that said, Jack Swagger has gotten a lot of attention both in and outside of WWE that he has a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Swagger and his manager Zeb Colter have gotten the attention of the mainstream media. This has caused Swagger to receive even more attention than The Rock. WWE may choose to take advantage of this and put the title on Swagger.

Ziggler and Del Rio

Either way, with Del Rio and Swagger both strong candidates to be World Heavyweight Champion moving forward, it leaves Dolph Ziggler out of the title picture. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ziggler leave WrestleMania without the World Heavyweight title. Then again, as of now he doesn’t have any plans for the evening of April 7th.

What do you think of the possibility of Dolph Ziggler never cashing in Money in the Bank? When do you think he will win cash in? Will he be successful? Or do you think he will become the first superstar to have the Money in the Bank contract expire? Please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comment section below.

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  • Staynes

    When was this thing written? Ziggler has now been getting buried since atleast 2 months and is nowhere near the WHC Title.

    All his group has ever helped him with was and still is losing matches.Aj just stands there (which she does really good i mean damn..) Langston does nothing but stand there on the side either and interfere from time to time only for Ziggler to still lose the match. Creative as always fucked over Ziggler hard on the last few months and only thing helping him recovering from this is his naturally ability to sell like a god while wrestling and talking really good.
    If his contract expires there is, in my eyes, nothing that can help him ever again to getting back to main event level. Its a fucking Briefcase which lets you pick the time and place just let Del Rio beat Swagger at WM let Swagger beat down Del Rio after the Match and there you have a new WHC a new feud running and Ziggler can finally get some integrety back. Hell you could even have Langston destroy Del Rio before Ziggler cashes in just let him get beat down by both men or whatever , if Del Rio gets the beat down of his live after the Match with Swagger there is nothing that lets him look bad when he loses the Title via Cash in.

    • Trey Doss

      wwe is building him up with so that when he finally does cash it in it’ll be a suprise title win

      • Staynes

        You dont build someone up by destroying his work he was not long ago one of the most over heels ,on his own i might add, one would think that getting 2 more ppl by your side would help you win Matches and not make you lose them. Talking from a mark perspective here i cant take him seriously when he just collects loss after loss after loss against everybody e it Ryback , Miz hell even Kofi beat him not long ago.
        Ok so now he is in the eyes of the normal WWE audience that guy who always loses, skip to the tme where he cashes in on a beaten down World Champ how does that evaluate him in the mind of the WWE Universe? What you have a now is a weak Champ who has to work himself up again and that would only work with a lengthy title reign where he constantly beats people clean which wont happen on Smackdown.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I actually think – and I’ve thought this for a while now – that Ziggler sells too well for his own good. He’s an extremely convincing loser (or jobber, as it were), and while this is part of the package that makes him a great wrestler, I feel like it’s had the unintentional side effect of making him someone WWE would rather use to put people over. So I wonder, just a bit, if it would serve Ziggler well to tone that down just a notch.

      • SdotC

        He should tone it down either way. A good sell is a realistic sell. Think of how the Rock takes the GTS. Now compare that to how he takes the Stunner. It may look cool, but it doesn’t look real.

        • xXwindsofchangeXx

          I wish you would have used a more modern example, though. Rock hasn’t taken a Stunner in nearly a decade. He might sell it a bit differently now. Then again, the fact that Rock sold the Stunner like someone had run him over with a car was seen as entertaining.

          The other difference? Rock was already at main-event level and, along with Stone Cold, one of the two biggest superstars the WWF/E had. They weren’t suddenly gonna go, “Damn, he makes getting his ass kicked look cool! Let’s drop him back to the midcard and let him be used as a test dummy for everyone else’s finishers!”

          Besides, I don’t think Ziggler oversells NEARLY to that level. And I’d rather have someone who ‘oversells’ than ‘undersells’.

          • SdotC

            I’ll always think back to when he ran into Brodus’ headbutt on the ramp and flew 20ft back. That’s HBK vs Hogan lvl 100 overselling.

            Like I said, it’s supposed to look real, and I think people have forgotten that. By accepting that it’s a show, they no longer position themselves to properly suspend disbelief. WWE should go back to acting like it’s 100 shoot every time.

          • xXwindsofchangeXx

            WWE can’t go back to 100 shoot. Not with the internet generation. Once the secret about kayfabe’s out, you can’t just take it back and pretend it never happened.

          • SdotC

            They can and they should. I’m not saying have Vince come out and say “we lied, it IS real”, but just stop making it so damn obvious that it’s fake

    • Ap

      Actually Aj and Big E help him to win his matches, but the creative team just book him to lose and book the faces to over come the odds.

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    Im a huge fan of ziggler but I think it is a shame he hasent got pushed since tlc think about it he had a bigger year last year even if he did not win the world titile at the pay per views he won mitb and was the only team member left on his team then to top the year he beat supercena. I do not understand the wee these days ziggler has been working his ass off since summerslam 09 when he was in that match with rey. As for him cashing in i have a good idea have swagger win wm yes i know what your thinking but then ziggler cashs in on swagger setting up del rio vs ziggler for the next few pay per views in the meantime swagger gets suspened for the weed the people story.

  • Y2J

    Can’t you come up with your own radio/podcast show name, instead of stealing someone else’s.

  • Rob

    If he doesn’t cash it in that makes him look like a complete retard for letting the contract expire.

  • Kevin Fydrych

    I hope he doesn’t cash in or he is unsuccessful. Ziggler sucks. Deal with it

    • Jerichoholic3

      Umm sir, you are on the wrong site for that kind of stuff we cheer the good wrestlers, and no i won’t deal with something that’s far from the truth. He’s currently one of the best in the company

      • Y2J

        BEST IN THE WORRRLD… No wait.. That’s Punk and Jericho 😛 But yeah, this assclown doesn’t know talent, Ziggler is one of the best currently.

  • Danny Morgan

    my thoughts on MITB is to have it back to being a briefcase cashable on either world title and make it more unpredictable it also gives the writers and creative more options and routes for future MITB winners

  • DoingMaThing

    Dolph Ziggler is good enough to be the face of the WWE but Vince doesn’t realize this. Let him turn babyface and you’ll see what i mean. He can wrestle, he sells like no other, he can talk and he has the looks to replace Cena but WWE doesn’t want to do that. WWE likes to use him to put people over, just like how they use Christian and how they used Shawn Michaels to put people over. If Ziggler doesn’t cash in, then he will never be a top dog in WWE because he will never recover from that. Never cashing in is worse than cashing in and fail because at least you tried to win the title but Ziggler never really tried.

    I predict that Ziggler will cash in at WrestleMania 29. If that’s not the plan, then Ziggler should put his MITB contract on the line in a match against Jericho or someone else.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      He’s already put his briefcase on the line once – against Jericho. And it wouldn’t do any good to have Jericho have the briefcase or wear the title because Jericho’s reached the stage in his career – less because of his age and more because of the fact that he’s not full time anymore – where the best thing for the company is to use his status to put people over.

      I think this is a nuclear option, though. I don’t envision a situation where they have Ziggler not cash in. In fact, my (somewhat outlandish) prediction is that Ziggler cashes in at WM29, causing a DQ win for Sheamus by having Big E and/or AJ interfere in the match, then clocking Sheamus with the briefcase before using it to win the title. What I would like to see is a surprise rule change (that obviously wouldn’t be revealed until Ziggler’s ‘gloating’ promo on the following RAW) that would allow Ziggler to go after either title – then Ziggler cashes in on Cena and wins the WWE title from him.

      In any case, they need to get Ziggler settled SOMEWHERE because he’s been floating all over the place lately. I think they were going to set up another feud with him and Jericho, which likely would have ended with a HELL of a match at WM29… but they forgot that Jericho was leaving for a bit to go tour with Fozzy and didn’t have a backup plan.

      • Y2J

        I’d like to see him cash in at Mania, beat Jericho for the title the same night, claim that he is the best in the world, and feud with Punk to make the WHC interesting again.

    • Blah

      Problem is vince can’t put the big stars on the sidelines like they used too. Stars use to leave for a while and let other up and comers get bigger. Then again WCW was here and some would leave for that. But point is Cena needs to go, he is way passed his stay. He is boring, fans boo you and your the face of the company. he don’t want to turn heel because he has to kiss babies, its silly. Big Show and Shamus need to take a break and let Zig, get a push, hell make Brodus Clay and Sweet T more of a threat, Get Miz and Ryder as a tag team or something and have PTP stop jobbing so we can make the tag belts feel good again. There is no competition for team hell no. that team is to damn good. Get Orton as a Good as Heel and use him while he is still young, Get CMPunk turn face Rebel again and well we will be close to good action. Stop the part time wrestlers, it was cool one time now all the time it is silly. Bring back stables, remmeber when there was like the nation, H foundation,DX, and much more all at the same time. It was a great way to utilize low card talent. Oh and better writers. and ideas FAn…Dango? Really

  • Ron Mader

    If his contract expires I will never watch WWE again.

  • Alex Tonchev

    Does a WWE creative member write these articles? There is nothing more stupid than letting the MITB expire.

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