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Ending Roman Reigns Push Is Best For Business

WWE Champion
Two nights in a row this week, Roman Reigns got pinned in the middle of the ring, cleanly.

Both pins were shocking … and then, not so shocking, considering the circumstances.

Shocking, because perhaps many in the WWE Universe, including myself, naturally thought the WWE would continue their massive push of him. After all, he remained in Battleground’s main event, despite a 30-day suspension, which reportedly was because of Adderall, a drug that helps with ADHD, and is often illegally used to assist people when it comes to focus. He landed at #6 in the WWE draft (before John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton) … not to shabby. His return at a house show in blank not only hit pro wrestling sites everywhere, it hit WWE.com. All arrows were pointing to a big Roman Reigns return; a continued push, as if all sins were instantly forgiven. Hey, they’ve invested a lot in the superstar to let one little suspension stop their momentum.

But then he got pinned in the Shield Triple Threat match. I really wasn’t expecting him to win, but I wasn’t, per say, expecting him to be pinned … and cleanly at that. Then, once again, as WWE teased a potential redemption for Reigns on RAW; a new opportunity, a new chance, at a new title … he once again got pinned, cleanly, by someone who debuted that night no less: Finn Balor.

While WWE has talked a big game about a new era, they undoubtedly proved they were serious about it, not only at Battleground, but RAW (and SmackDown) the following nights; and Roman Reigns losing, two nights in a row, and offering such a big push for Finn Balor, proved they weren’t kidding.

Now, the fact that Roman Reigns has lost his push privileges is not so shocking, because he has been gone for 30 days, because of said suspension. Regardless of the reason, as always, the WWE needs to set an example, for all talent.

Still, do I think that his push be lessened? Absolutely. This is coming from someone who has always been a supporter for the guy, however, I was also quite disappointed when I read the news that he had violated WWE’s Wellness Policy. At the end of the day, his 30 days away from television meant 30 days away from house shows, and tons of fans (little ones) disappointed that they would not get to see their hero. I had one at home; I talked to many in my circle; I’m sure there were many others in the house dates he missed. Roman Reigns, a role model, disappointed his fans, and there is no real way to make it up to them.

Now, everyone makes mistakes; whether you are Roman Reigns, or Joe Blow working in office, or even a simple pro wrestling journalist – we all makes mistakes. Mistakes we cringe at; mistakes we learn from; mistakes we move on from. Still, Roman Reigns gets paid a pretty penny, and lives a life some can only dream of. He gets paid very well to know better. And with WWE brass so high on him, and a certain demographic so against him – he should’ve known better. It’s like the straw that broke the camel’s back. It almost opened the flood gates to give WWE a reason to lessen their push. He made it so easy for his haters in this regard. I don’t think he should be buried forever, but a little less push, and a placement in the mid-card for a while won’t hurt him. A re-vamp of his character, re-climbing the ladder, might even help.

So, what happens now? Truly I hope Roman lays low for a long while, and well past Wrestlemania 33. There’s just something about the Royal Rumble and main eventing Wrestlemania that seems to bring the RAW and pay-per-view crowds rumbling. No matter what his momentum is going into either of these events, it is vital for the WWE to hold Roman back. Wait a little while. Roman is already a three-time WWE Champion, and at the young age of 31 years old, he has so much time in front of him, to do many things, and hit many other milestones. The best thing for him to do now, is work hard. Stay humble. Prove to his fans, the naysayers, and wrestling journalists what he is really made of; if there is anything that he is made of. It’s easy to ride the high wave, and take in all the amazing things that are handed to someone. It’s a humbling experience to fall flat on your face, and pick the pieces up. It defines the difference between a successful talent who really cares and loves what they do, has passion for the business and what it is all about; and someone who is just sliding by.

In the next year, the WWE Universe will bear witness to the true essence of who Roman really is. Will he come out fighting? Will he work on his character, in-ring style, and mic skills? Will he shine … or will he simply float along in mid-card status? Will he fail completely and become irrelevant? Only time will tell … but for now, what’s best for business, and best for Roman, is for him to lay low and hang tight. If he is meant for greatness, he will rise once again.

WNZ fans – what are your thoughts? Does Roman Reigns deserve a lesser push? How long will he wait in the wings? Will he ever return to main event/title picture programs? Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Mikey Shango #Retired

    He’ll be back in the main event in no time

    • jcice13

      no it’s going to take a little while

      • Mikey Shango #Retired

        I don’t think so

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    If they want to give him another major push (which they will at some point), they need to revamp his character. A 6’7″ or 6’8″ 270 pound guy who looks like an athletic monster shouldn’t be potrayed as a goody two shoes heroic underdog (cough cough Cena and Hogan…) Vince needs to revamp his creative thinking and for that matter his creative team too lol cause they have horribly booked this poor dude gimmick wise wrong.

    • fargsnalt

      He’s about 6’2, maybe 240 lbs. Brawn Strowman and Kane are legitimately 6’9.

      • jcice13

        kane is no where near 6’9″…I stood next to him years ago and I’m a legit 6’51/2″ and he was no where near 6’9″ reminds me of when I met Gorilla Monsoon when I was in high school and they said he too was 6’9″ and I was the same height as him

        • fargsnalt

          Maybe he has shrunk over the years. I can only go by what others have said. I’m 6’7 and stood close to the Big Show years ago, and he didn’t seem that much taller than me. He is a legitimate 6’11 according to those who have met him.

          • jcice13

            this was years ago around the time he came into the WWE also another guy who I met was John Studd when he was chuck o’conner..the old WWWF rented 2 apartments at the twin linden apartments in deptford new jersey and I was a lifeguard there and met him, he was definitely wide but only like 6’6″..you’re basically correct about show in an old sporting news college basketball magazine they listed him at 6’10” and that’s big

  • Fat Owens Fat

    “or even a simple pro wrestling journalist – we all makes mistakes. Mistakes we cringe at; mistakes we learn from; mistakes we move on from”

  • Mike

    I don’t think his push is ending. I just think they’re leaving him out of the title picture for a few months maybe until the end of the year we will see. Things will probably go back to normal. Finn beating Roman clean was a huge surprise to me.

  • jcice13

    the thing that has confused me for a long time now and I’ve brought it up here a few times…why is Reigns so hated now, and I’m not referring to his latest suspension but prior to that….here’s a guy that people cheered for big time, it was even proven when they showed the clips monday night of his past work, they patted him on the back when he came down the stairs, they shook his hand and they stood and cheered, then he wins the belt and the next day he’s getting boo’d, and being talked about like he’s some kind of jobber that was lucky to be pushed..the guy is big, he’s one of the best athletes in the company and has the look and yet bam he’s a bum now?

    • Fat Owens Fat

      You have to go back in time to see when it changed. It was all because of some IWC Indy guys passing rumors about Vince hand picking Reigns to be the next big thing. Daniel Bryan was on the way to WM but got his push meddled by Batista who won the Rumble upon his return as a heel. The fans booed Batista out of the business. Then the news broke out that Reigns is allegedly Vince’s pick, and when somebody leaked about Reigns winning the next Rumble, the D-Bry Indy fans turned on him. These are the same people who say Vince is out of touch and WWE is sh*t but then pay $9.99 to watch his product week in and week out lol.
      They somehow feel they have the right to dictate who should be pushed and who shouldn’t, all this while forgetting that Vince ran the company and made stars out of many people he picked with zero fan inputs especially when he was told guys like the Rock or HBK or Hart being the face of their company wasn’t going to work with WCW portraying larger than life characters as their top guys. Irony dies a thousand times when the modern fans complain of predictable storylines/shows but not realize that them forcing the company to decide who plays what character makes it even more predictable.

      • jcice13

        I tend to remember CM Punk saying in an interview when he faced the shield years back that he should put Reigns over because he was being groomed, and that was long before the break up .but like I said it would be one thing if the fans had it in for him from the get go but they cheered the hell out of him and when he won they cheered then all of a sudden this, and not just from the 9.99ers but from just about everyone here…people got on me when I posted months ago that reigns was one of the top 3 athletic big guys in this company.not wrestler, athlete, he’s big, strong, fast and quick and can jump….
        Vince isn’t out of touch, he’s more in touch than most his age, it’s just that his product isn’t geared to old school fans who like things to be done over time and an angle to be well thought out and played out..he has his audience, he knows his audience and sells to that audience..case in point, in any other time Cena would have turned heel and would not only be a great heel but really over and the #1 heel..but Vince can’t sell heel Cena merchandise nearly as much face Cena so he stays face for the kiddies and all the girls that fantasize about him…but Cena as a true heel? that would be an awesome move…I for one would enjoy hearing heel Cena promos but I don’t buy 30 dollar shirts

  • The Shockmaster

    He needs to lose the armor from his attire for a start

  • Brett in MN

    I said early on that if they’d have given him a monster IC or US push, fans would not have revolted the way they did.

    That being said, perhaps spending a year in the orbit of one of those titles, with at least one short reign (no pun intended) would well for him. It would allow him to rebuild without being automatically rejected again by fans, which will happen as long as he’s in the main event picture.

  • bigfoot3169

    Something that could help him would be to fight for the US title or find a tag partner. If he won the US title and defend it a lot, it would help him and raise the title’s value. IMO

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Maybe he has ADHD which might explain why he botched up his script a while ago and why WWE doesn’t give him much to say after that.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    maybe he didn’t declare his condition to the WWE and they found out the hard way?

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Okay, just incase you didn’t know. Athletes do tend to hide some of their illness from a company that hires them for the sole reason why most people get fake fitness certificates when they apply for relevant jobs. Even with a prescription, he has to take the suspension. You can’t fail a drug test and then come out with a prescription for said drug and say you forgot to declare your medical issues prior to the test.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    *same reason not sole*

  • jcice13

    bingo, if someone has a script then it would make sense to show it when one gets into trouble

  • Fat Owens Fat

    First up, he aint my hero. Secondly, I’m just stating points. If you have prescription drugs, you declare them to the company in advance failing which if you get caught up in a drug test you get suspended regardless of your explanations for failing it. Look at Lesnar’s failed result for the first test, an asthma drug that was undeclared as per his sparring partner. Him saying he has prescription for it does not undo the damage. All he can hope for is that the test methods or results were flawed and somehow he can prove it by requesting his B sample to be tested again.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Here’s what USATF states on prescription meds which should be same for USADA and the WWE drug tests.
    “If my doctor prescribes a prohibited medication, why can’t I use it?

    Since some medications prescribed by doctors for treatment of legitimate
    medical conditions have the potential to enhance athletic performance, they are prohibited. A prohibited drug is still prohibited, even it prescribed by a
    doctor. If you have asthma or diabetes, you may submit a Therapeutic Use Exemption form to USADA and the IAAF prior to competition requesting permission to use certain medications. Such requests must be approved prior to use of the medication.”
    Notice they say that a prohibited drug is still prohibited even with prescription and that any such use must be declared well in advance failing which you will hit the buzzer.

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