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Enzo & Cass: Next Tag Team Champions?

I’m completely skipping over the tag team tourney finals and calling it: I think Enzo Amore and Big Cass will win their match at this Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view (PPV), and become number one contenders. Nothing against the Vaudevillians (I totally dig their gimmick by the way), but it’s clear the E&C have made a significant impact on WWE’s main roster; and they certainly have the WWE Universe well behind them.

Where do I even start? For two NXT newbies, they have incredible confidence in their characters, on the mic, and in the ring. Certainly Enzo carries them in terms of promos and mic work; but I’d say Cass is no slouch (and hey – am I the only one who sees a little Edge in Cass by the way? PLEASE comment on this below, if the desire strikes. It’s been bothering me for a very long time now, and I need some affirmation … I digress).

Really, out of all the NXT call ups (and I’m still standing behind the fact that all the male call ups have been pretty solid), Enzo and Cass have made the hugest splash, and really have the RAW and SmackDown crowds behind them.

So naturally, I am making a huge prediction (before our WNZ staff Payback predictions get published this weekend), that there is no doubt in my mind they will win the finals in the tag team tourney, and become number one contenders for the tag team titles. But can they win the gold … so close to their debut?

I love the fact that the tag team division is heating up. Even when a card is poorly stacked up, you can always count on a tag team match to turn on the ‘action’ button. Which is why it was a breath of fresh air to have two NXT tag teams debut post-Mania. But the interesting thing about Enzo and Cass, is that from the moment they walked down the ramp, confronting the Dudleys on the April 4th edition of Monday Night RAW, they owned the audience. And the air of confidence Enzo had on the mic; it was like this was his 2,356th RAW; not his first. In fact, dare I say it … it seemed like they got a bigger pop then The New Day this past RAW (***disclaimer, I wasn’t at the show, could totally be wrong about this).

But would a quick championship win help or hurt this new team? Would chasing the gold continue their momentum with the crowd, or would capturing it solidify the idea that they are not only a tag team to be reckoned with, but one that has staying power.

I’m going to be even bolder with my predictions, and say; I think that they will make quick work of The New Day, the first opportunity they get in a match. It’s a wave of momentum they are riding, and surely the WWE higher ups must love hearing the unanimous “How You Doin’?” chants across the stadiums on RAW and see dollar signs. The New Day has certainly had a tremendous run of the division, with (at this writing) a 247+ tag team title reign; it seems like it is time for some new blood to hold gold, and Enzo and Cass fill that bill nicely.

WNZ fans, what do you think about Enzo and Cass? Do they have what it takes to carry WWE’s tag team division? Leave your comments below!

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  • Mike

    I think the vaudevillians will win the tournement. Enzo and cass will get screwed by the Dudleys.
    That’s thier first fued.

    • Dorathy

      We’ll see! You get bragging rights if it happens :) Thanks for reading and the comment!

    • siddus


  • Lara_P1

    I like Enzo and Cass on the mic, but I have become a huge VaudeVillians fan. I totally love their throwback/old school wrestler gimmick and prefer their inring work over Enzo and Cass. I think Enzo and Cass may get the titles first, since they are more over, but I am definitely looking forward to a future tag title run from the Vaudevillians.

    • Dorathy

      I dig their gimmick too.

  • Si Nicholls

    The whole Jersey thing Enzo and Cass do on the mic is entertaining but could get tired quickly if they don’t mix it up a bit, obviously I’m coming from a non American viewpoint, in the ring there good but imo not as good as the Vaudevillians technically as wrestlers, I would prefer to see VV win this one, but can see the benefit of Jersey Shore winning for WWE merch sales and hearing a mic battle between Enzo & Creed would be fun currently whilst Enzo is still fresh to the non NXT watching audience

    • Dorathy

      Very good points. Thanks for the comment!

  • Jakerams

    Miz and Cena should go after New Day and become the 2x Tag Team Champions together. Keep the IC Title on Miz and let Cesaro go after the world title.

    • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


    • It Begins kid

      I agree.

  • That boy Alejandro

    To answer only one of ur questions dorathy i think big cass looks like drew mcintyre. Tall, long hair and same ring gear oh and bad on the mic lol

    • Dorathy


  • Aurel Fc

    I’m am totally agree with you, but not for the match vs the vaudevillians !
    I really think that Vaudevillains will win this match, thanks to an intervention of the Dudley Boys to disturb Sawft !

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    Makes more sense for the Vaudevillains to win and prob win the titles. Too early for Enzo and Cass to go head to head with the New Day. Love those vaudevillain rogues.

  • DJRedders

    The thing about Enzo & Cass in NXT is that they were together for close to/more than 4 years and never won the NXT Tag Titles – that needs to be a part of their story, is that they haven’t won the “big one”, so to speak. To give them the titles early on would make no sense: if they couldn’t win the NXT Tag Titles, what does it say about WWE’s tag teams if they could win it so early on?

    So going on the “can’t win the big one” story, build up to the (hopefully eventual) title victory some way down the line – the payoff with the crowd when it finally happens would be brilliant, especially those who’ve been with them since the NXT days.

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