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Enzo And Cass Save The Day

Well, I can honestly say I did not see that coming.

Last week, when fellow WNZ colleague John Deegan posed the question, “Will Anyone Help Cena?” for our weekly Ask WNZ column, I fluffed it off. At that point, I really didn’t foresee anyone helping John Cena when it came to battling The Club. I thought he was going to go at with them for at least another week. The New Day had stepped in for a millisecond, and then stepped out; so it just seemed like if Cena was going to get some assistance, it would happen after the draft. Plus, I suppose I also naturally assumed that if anyone would come to John Cena’s aid, it would be Finn Balor.

I was wrong. But, wrong in a ‘pleasantly surprised’ kind of way.

The thing is, I love being surprised when it comes to pro wrestling. I miss being surprised. So when the WWE does something that I am not expecting – I tend to applaud it. Which is exactly how I feel about the Enzo and Cass/John Cena alliance.

While I did not see it coming this week, I did see something coming when AJ Styles went on about Cena not having any back up during his Monday Night RAW promo last night. I thought to myself, “ah, so Cena will get some back.” Not expecting that bada boom, the realest guys in the room enter. Enzo and Cass come out, and Twitter explodes:

So, the surprise of Enzo and Cass making the save, came out of left field. Clearly there are those who love the alliance, and see it as a good fit – and then there are those who don’t. Placing Enzo and Cass next to someone like John Cena, tells me that the WWE brass think quite highly of these two. To those who hate John Cena, aligning Enzo and Cass with him, may seem like the Cenation leader is trying to steal a little of their spotlight, and right their momentum wave.

Still, we now have a three-man tag match, all set for Battleground. In the coming weeks, we will see this short-term alliance grow; as Enzo and Cass provide a little more reasoning as to why they came out for the save, in the first place. Will this set up a tag feud between Gallows/Anderson and Enzo/Cass post-draft? Or will everything be tied up in a neat bow, and finalized, after Battleground, to make way for SummerSlam programs? It’s hard to say, especially with the draft lingering above the heads of the WWE Universe; it is difficult to call this, one way or another.

The uncertainty of ‘what will happen next’, just might be the best part of everything that is going on right now in the WWE; for those of us who like surprises, that is.

WNZ fans! What did you think about Enzo and Cass’ save last night? Like their alliance with John Cena – or don’t think it is a good fit? Leave your comments below!

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  • Mike

    Cena is trying to ride their momentum? I’m sorry even people who hate cena, couldn’t possibly believe that. He is the biggest star in the company, he has permanent momentum and star power. It’s a great storyline for enzo and cass to become a part of, already some fans speculated that they’d split as a team and cass
    Would get his push. I never believed that, as I saw them on nxt they were crazy over, mainly thanks to enzo on the mic, and that’s pretty much the case now, although cass is really good in all areas, they’re aren’t many who can hang with enzo in a verbal joust. This puts them in a high profile fued with the club and involved them
    With a big name like styles and the face of the company in cena, it also gets some of the adult fans who don’t support cena on the babyface teams side, so it seems like a win win to me.

    • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)

      I agree Enzo and Cass weren’t even doing anything the past few raws other then being in non important tag matches. This is rub for them regardless because putting them in what is considering the popular storyline right now can make Enzo and Cass a much more serious tag team and show why they should be tag team champions one day.

  • Brett in MN

    Cena put them over about a month ago, so Enzo pointing this out next week would go a long way toward making this seem like a natural and good thing.

  • PlanoStu

    Not a fan of this outcome. You have 3 world rounded stars vs Cena and 2 NXT rookies. Let the burying begin.

  • bigfoot3169

    It was pointed out on this site, or another, that when Enzo and Cass arrived in NXT, Cena interacted with them and Enzo started his entrance routine. Cena was rolling with the punches and from that interaction, started the now standard Enzo/Big Cass spiel. I think they talked about it to on Stone Cold ‘ Podcast too (without the WWE network).

  • NotU

    I like Tango and Cash. I mean Enzo and Cass.

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