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The Era Of The Boss Is Here … But Was The Win Too Soon?

You all know me better than to be that fan who complains … I may rant … but I rarely complain. Still, did anyone truly think Sasha Banks was going to win the WWE Women’s Championship this past Monday night, on the newly vamped up RAW? I’ll be honest, not me, and it’s not because I didn’t think it was in the cards, or she didn’t deserve the title.

The incredible news is: the WWE Universe finally gets an alpha female face, running the women’s division. And the match itself on the July 25th edition of Monday Night RAW was outstanding: from Charlotte’s moonsault that hit Sasha from outside the ring, to Sasha pulling an Eddie Guerrero (and paying homage to the late legend) by getting Dana Brook banned from the ring … it was no wonder the crowd was chanting, “this is awesome”, and “holy $h!t”.

But, was I the only one expecting Banks to lose? When Dana got removed from ringside, I knew something was up. Initially when the match was called I thought, Dana would interfere and a one-on-one match, where no one was at ringside, would be booked at SummerSlam – Banks wins, and boom: she gets her moment.

So her moment was rewound a bit, to last night. I’m totally fine with it. I’m actually totally fine with the way that everything unfolded during this week’s RAW: from Nia Jax’s debut, to the female and male jobbers they had, to Finn Balor’s incredible birthday debut (and him heading to SummerSlam), to Sasha Banks winning the Women’s title.

Sure, one could argue that the WWE ‘wasted’ a PPV-caliber match on RAW; but I won’t be one of those to say that. I think that is EXACTLY what Monday Night RAW needs more of: more surprises, more title changes on the show, and more high-level matches, as they won’t necessarily have pay-per-views (PPV) where talent performs every month. There is an opportunity here, that I had never really seen before. RAW, or SmackDown for that matter, don’t need to wait to book dream matches for PPVs, they can simply book them during shows; and this will only enhance their T.V. programming, but their brands as well.

Still, SummerSlam is only weeks away, and surely this match could’ve waited until then? I say, why wait. Storylines need to progress, and with two new rosters of women, chapters need to close, and new ones need to open. Clearly the focus will now be a rematch between Banks and Charlotte, where Charlotte ends up focusing her attention (anger) on Dana Brook.

As for Sasha? I have a feeling the WWE has something big up their sleeve, a high-level women’s program that will not only help to truly promote SummerSlam on a mass media level, but perhaps promote a little reality endeavor that is close to the WWE’s hearts. With Nikki Bella healed and at the performance center, I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that the WWE will work hard to hype up Total Bellas (debuting in September), through a high-profile match. Bella is a brand herself, with a large main stream fan base. She has always worked well as a heel, and was the longest-reigning Divas Champion. She was injured and worked through recovery during this whole ‘New Era’ wave. It wouldn’t take much to form a program, one that all eyes would be focused on.

Can Nikki and Banks produce a match that is of the same caliber as say, any match Banks would have with her Four Horsewomen colleagues? Well, my first inkling is to say no; but in all fairness, a big part of that is because all four of these ladies have worked hard to climb that NXT and WWE ladder together, trained together, and know each other well. Still, Bella versus Banks at SummerSlam would be something the casual fan may want to see, and the match could be incredible … all depending on whether or not Bella could iron out any ring rust she may have.

There’s also the potential for Sasha’s first program as a champion to be with someone out of left field: Paige, Bayley, or even, Nia Jax. Paige is long overdue for a title race program, so this would be easy to set up; Bayley would be a bit of a challenge, as she is a face herself (and not ready for a turn), not on the main roster, and they are friends … but Nia Jax? The only concern about this, is Nia is new to the roster (we can’t compare her to Balor’s Monday Night push extravaganza, because it’s like comparing apples to oranges). Nia needs to be build up as a force to reckoned with; a title race program, where she lost, would have her character instantly lose all credibility. I was in awe of Jax when I saw her on Monday night – a jobber was the perfect way to introduce her. WWE needs to be slow and steady with a character like this one, much like they have been with Braun Strowman.

Regardless of what is next for Sasha Banks, or Charlotte for that matter, these two ladies put on a phenomenal match on RAW, one that they should be proud of. Furthermore, the WWE Universe finally has the heroic female face champion I have been wanting, for a long time. One that has some sly tactics up her sleeve to get the job done, but one that can also win, on her own merit. I’m excited about the Era of the Boss, and how this win and championship reign will help to further heighten women’s wrestling within the WWE.

WNZ fans: how do you feel about The Boss as WWE Women’s Champion? Do you feel like the Banks/Charlotte match should’ve been saved for SummerSlam? Leave your comments below!

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  • Vance

    No Bellas = Good TV.

    • Mikey Shango #Retired


  • jcice13

    why would you ask if anyone thought she’d win the belt on RAW? of course there was a great chance of that happening, first and foremost with it being the first show of this new or at least recycled era it wasn’t hard to envision, and the fact she’s been there a long time already, fought Charlotte to a lot of close battles and got cheated most of the time then yeah, as a face that’s the exact mix to have her win the title..and the crowd loves her to was no upset and almost a no brainer

  • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)


  • Si Nicholls

    Think its a bit early to call Sasha’s reign an era just yet, it hasn’t been a day of holding the title yet. I hope she holds the belt to around the Rumble and has a couple of decent programs in that time, finish up the one with Charlotte at Summerslam, then have a few months with Paige until Nia Jax is ready, and then take it from there. Personally I have always preferred heels with belts and faces chasing them, but am open to see where this is going as Sasha is in the top 3 women’s talents on the rosta currently

  • Jakerams

    I’m still waiting for Vince and Sasha to have a segment together and he mentions how he’s the boss.

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