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Essential WWE DVD Sets Every Fan Must Own

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With countless releases from WWE that include monthly pay-per-view events and three-disc sets, most of them are worth the price tag of 30 to 40 dollars because of the multiple hours of content and special features. Here are some releases that have come out in the past year or so that are essential for every fan and includes plenty of stuff for everyone from all ages and walks of wrestling life.

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  • Abudadein

    The new Legends of Mid-South Wrestling is one of the very best wrestling DVD collections I’ve ever seen, and I own hundreds. Highly, highly recommended. If you own a Blu-ray, get the Blu-ray edition as it has lots of extra stuff, including one of the most brutal and bloodiest matches you’ll ever see between Jim Duggan and Buzz Sawyer.

  • Devon

    I have Punk, Streak, nWo & Attitude era from this list. They are amazing. Rise & fall of ecw, raw 100 moments, Viva La Raza, You think u know me & Best there is, was & ever will be are other amazing DVD sets everyone must have

    • Abudadein

      Rise & Fall of ECW is one of the best (and longest!) documentaries WWE has produced, along with the ones they did on the AWA and World Class.

  • matthew

    my fav dvd is WWE Hard Knocks The Chris Benoit Story

    • Abudadein

      That is an excellent DVD, and I especially love the matches from Japan with alternate English commentary, along with Benoit vs. Regal from the Brian Pillman tribute show.

      • matthew

        agreed. it was also interesting with benoit talking about kevin sullivan on the dvd

  • Cushman0794

    A good list. I actually enjoyed the DX DVD they released in 2007/8. I recommend it.

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