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Why Even Bother, WWE?

For those who haven’t had a chance to watch last night’s edition of Monday Night RAW, you may not want to read any more of this article (*spoiler alert* you didn’t miss much that can’t be caught up on by reading John Deegan’s Nutshell, or WNZ’s RAW results).

So, I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: not every RAW and SmackDown will be, or should be, an epic show. Even The Walking Dead has episodes that aren’t stellar now and again; and this idea goes with really any recurring show on television these days. Sometimes you need a bit of a sleeper epi to move storylines along.

So, last night’s show wouldn’t be one I’d write home about, and to boot; the main event match between Rusev and Cesaro, was a letdown.

The match ITSELF was amazing, and the fact that it came out of nowhere, and completely unexpected (with what, like 10 minutes to go before RAW was off the air) during the GM promo, was solid. But yes, the outcome was a letdown. First and foremost, I get that the match itself was to add an element of ‘anything can happen’ on RAW. Time ticking be darned, folks, if the Foley says there should be another match on RAW, another match there shall be! But for once, it would’ve have been nice to see something like this happen, and see a title change hands. I get the match was able to further enhance programs (between Sheamus/Cesaro, and Reigns/Rusev) – and with Sheamus interfering in the match, you add that much more heat on the Celtic Warrior, with that much more of a reason for these two to further their program. But, why bother implying a Cesaro push, when there really is none there?

The entire set up reminded me of last week’s SmackDown main event, and I had the same feelings, after the show. Dolph Ziggler placed his number one contenders’ spot on the line against Bray Wyatt, and I have to be totally honest when I say, as much as I’m happy that Ziggler stayed in the SummerSlam title match, there was a small part of me that was hoping for a switch up, and that Wyatt was given the opportunity he’s been waiting for, for a while now. Obviously, things stayed the same, and really, I get how the match helped further the Ziggler persona along, to prepare for the SummerSlam match, but still, could this not have been achieved using a different creative method?

Still, much like Tuesday night, and last night, I did leave these respective programs, got into my PJs, and headed to bed, with one big question on my mind: why even bother WWE? Is there not another way you can get your point across, without placing ‘something’ on the line, only to provide a predictable outcome?

If this is the new era, it’s time, for some newer concepts.

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