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Does EVERYONE Need To Love Roman Reigns?

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Just days away from WWE’s flagship event, and I’m still fretting over the main event. What can say? I’m a worrier. Perhaps it’s wrong for me to cringe every time Roman Reigns hits a milestone within his WWE career, only to get booed out of the stadium. But as I sat watching the WWE Network this weekend, catching up on an old episode of Total Divas, I took a breath, and realized a few major points.

Not EVERYONE needs to like Roman Reigns.

Not EVERYONE needs to cheer him incessantly whenever he wins.

And not EVERYONE needs to be a fan, for him to be considered top face.

I swear I’m not going crazy, but perhaps the reaction Roman Reigns gets, is the exact reason the WWE keeps pushing him so, continues to book him as a main eventer, and keeps him in the title race picture.

Now what does Total Divas have to do with Roman Reigns. It was this clip where Eva Marie was talking about her NXT debut, and how she got booed out of the stadium. While the parallels aren’t the best example, she made a point when talking about fan reaction; and the point was quite valid. Who cares what kind of reaction you get from the live crowd, as long as you get one?

Eva Marie providing such pro wrestling insight when it comes to audience acceptance and being interactive? Who knew? But, the #AllRedEverything star had a valid point.

Which brings me to Roman Reigns. Sure, there was a point in late 2015 where it seemed like Reigns was winning over the entire WWE Universe, and then things came to a crashing halt when the 2016 Royal Rumble hit. I’ve always said, it could just be the venues, or the Road to Wrestlemania season, but sadly (or not so tearfully if you are a Reigns hater), but Roman has been getting more jeers from the crowd than applause as of late. Not breaking news, but one must remember: the man gets a reaction, and a loud one at that. Yes, he’s a face. Yes, Triple H is the so-called heel in this program (although HHH does walk a fine line time and again due to his history with the fans, and the respect many have for him); but does it really matter in the end? Are jeers and cheers really an afterthought as long as you are getting a huge reaction? Fans are still passionate about this feud, and I’m only basing this judgement on crowd reaction, when watching WWE programming.

Still, getting back to Reigns. This polarizing popularity has worked very well for the WWE when it comes to John Cena; a superstar who still might be hated by a specific demographic of the WWE Universe, but sells tons of merchandise for the company, acts as a reputable spokesperson, is well-known amongst non-WWE fans, and still happens to get a huge reaction whenever he enters a WWE arena. I’ve written about this in the past, I believe Cena to be the invisible heel of our era; and Reigns might simply be following in his footsteps.

We have most certainly entered a new day and age when it comes to the WWE, and targeting certain demographics. When you look at the WWE main roster, no two superstars really look alike; and that’s including the female roster (Bella Twins excluded!) Gimmicks and characters are produced so that there is a plethora of personalities that many within the WWE Universe can choose to identify and relate with. While the roster is split into three to four tiers (lower mid-card, upper mid-card, main eventers, part-timers with incredible legacies); it’s only natural that some superstars will be chosen to be in the title picture and main event RAWs/SmackDowns, pay-per-view events, as well as Wrestlemania and SummerSlam. However, the ones that truly get the fans going; whether that negative or positive, will be given top opprotunities. Then there are the disputable talents (i.e. the Zigglers and Cesaros of the world) where fans and media alike cannot understand why they aren’t placed in the spotlight more, but who am I to speculate when I am not privy to backstage information, and all sides of the proverbial coin.

If Reigns is selling his merchandise well, obviously putting the work in, doing as he is told, keeping his nose clean, and getting a reaction? Why wouldn’t he be main eventing two Wrestlemanias in a row? And the man is not only getting a reaction from each arena he enters, Reigns the wrestler, Reigns the WWE character, and Reigns the person continues to be surrounded by a certain buzz on the internet. People want to know more about him; whether you love or hate the guy.

Furthermore, while I don’t believe in using the word ‘never’, the truth is, the days of one wrestler erupting a live WWE crowd are long gone. The days of one wrestler carrying the company are gone. I do believe Daniel Bryan was the last of this type of legacy, simply due to the fact that there are so many different pro wrestling fans now, with differing opinions, insight; and trying to fit one character and one catchphrase into a gimmick box might just *almost* be impossible. Am I downplaying Roman Reigns’ success or potential for success? No. While I am a fan, I still feel he has some way to go, and unfortunately in a lot of ways, he’s been given a bad rap by some fans. The fact that he keeps going, and doesn’t let the negative reaction get him down is a testimony to his attitude.

But I think Reigns should be satisfied with the reaction he is getting. The lines continue to blur when it comes to good versus evil in the wrestling world; heel versus face, and this is something that continues to evolve. The days of appeasing the mass majority of fans with one talent is gone, and Reigns has been able to accomplish something that only one other man before him has done; and it’s the man the WWE wants Reigns to replace. In a lot of ways, Roman Reigns hasn’t failed at the goal of being top face, he’s succeeded in a far less amount of time – and yet is still angered and hated by a segment of the WWE Universe in much the same way John Cena is.

So, to answer my question, does EVERYONE need to LOVE Roman Reigns for him to still be considered the top face for the company? I say … no.

WNZ fans … what do YOU say? Leave your comments below!

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  • Si Nicholls

    There doesn’t have to be a top face of the company, everyone always goes back to the attitude era as arguably the best 3 years or so in WWE, and the stars leading the company back then were Rock, Austin, Taker, Kane, Foley, HHH etc its didn’t matter if they were heal or face. This whole face of a company is a fallacy, all it is really is a face for the children and to push sales, it has nothing to do with wrestling

    • Dorathy

      Yes, this is a good point.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Dorathy you did it again ! It’s no secret I’m the conductor of the “Reigns Hate Train” but your articles always makes me think about another perspective. But……… I just can’t do it ????. One of my main concerns is where does Roman fit after WM ? With so many talents coming back from injury soon and someone from NXT being called up where does he fit ? WWE isn’t thinking this though, a heel turn won’t help and Roman would look like a crybaby as opposed to the Samoan bad azz. A even stronger push would pretty much kill the guys career at this point. I think WWE should take him off TV for a month after WM to build his new character. WWE could do something beautiful by putting Roman with Paul Heyman !!!!!! Reigns doesn’t have to get on the mic ( thank God ) and we know that no one can build a guy like Heyman can ! Wishful thinking I guess.Great article btw. P.S Reigns is still a bum tho ?????

    • Dorathy

      Thanks for the comment! You don’t have to like RR, I promise if he does win on Sunday though … i won’t go on about it :) Your points are valid though, guess we will have to wait and see what happens next.

  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    Another great article from Dorathy!

    • Dorathy

      Thank you :)

  • Crazy_Victor

    Look Dorathy, at this point in time it doesn’t matter if you are a heel or a babyface, because you have heels who are cheered and babyfaces who are booed. Of course wwe team would prefer that Roman Reigns gets babyface reactions, as well as himself. But at this point, after all these months, i don’t think they’re worried anymore about that, because like you say, as long as he gets a reaction, he has a very good position. Maybe they will turn him heel, to fit with the crowd reactions, but at this point it’s not necessary. And to answer your question, I agree with you: No. I don’t say the Top Face because it’s hard to call him face, but one of the top wrestlers for sure. If everyone loves the same superstar, it would be boring. And as long as i like Hunter, i want to see Roman winning that title again, and this time for a good run. Believe that 😉

    • Dorathy


  • Mess1ah8x (M3ss1ah8x)

    Myopic view that doesn’t take into consideration the difference between Cena and Reigns. You only know he is being positioned to supplant John and as such, by proxy, he’s going to be able to get away with what Cena did because…well, just because.


    Wrong. First and foremost, Reigns isn’t Cena. You know why John was able to be “polarizing?” Because he could talk and he had a larger than life personality. The passion he inspired in those FOR him was just as gung-ho as those AGAINST him. He was charismatic enough to pull it off and fans knew who he was. It was nothing for John to arrive to boos, pick up a microphone, and ten minutes later have the entire arena in near unison clapping for him. Roman didn’t utter two words last night. Know why?

    Rhetorical question.

    There has never been a successful “face of the company” that could effectively communicate their persona and control the crowd while holding a microphone. You look at Romans predecessors. Hulk Hogan. The Rock. Stone Cold Steve Austin. John Cena. You tell me he fits and you’re as senile as Vince, and if the WWE had abided by the lazy “At least he gets a reaction,” thought process in 1999, they’d be out of business.

    Due to his huge personality and his ability to cut a moving promo, Cena was able to capture that “casual” audience. Love him or hate him you knew what he was about. We knno nothing about Roman. He drinks with Dean evidently and he brings the “big fight.” Okay.

    But who are you?

    You know why you could hear a pin drop during the segment the Dudleys attacked Roman? Because there is no such connection. Women and children (Johns primary audience) were present in that arena. Why were they impartial and mum? Even in smark country, Cena’s fan base is heard loud and clear. Reigns does not and never had incited that much passion into his supporters like John managed to every single night. To top it off, Roman is closer to Dean, who is #3 in merch sales, than he is to John Cena, whom we know is #1, and that’s with nearly a year of John taking a backseat from the WWE title picture sans his feud with Rollins(that he lost.)

    Cena fans aren’t transitioning to Reigns and neither is the passion. Regardless of what you tell yourselves, WWE knows this and they don’t find it comforting, which is why they’ve spent nearly two year attempting to get him cheered. He isn’t “polarizing.” He received “Die Roman,” chants to end RAW last night. Fans loved to hate John. Fans outright hate Roman, and those that like him aren’t anywhere near as vocal as his detractors.

    He gets booed, but your “at least he gets a reaction” is ironic, because Roman has received more apathy these last three weeks than he did in total of 2015, which is why the Cena blueprint is faulty. Hell, he was met with silence after his win at Fastlane. Play back the moment the refs hand came down for the 3 as he covered Dean. Fans are tired of being molested by Roman. Ratings have been dropping since Fastlane. Live attendance is plummeting. A record setting 800k fans tuned out of his third hour headline vs Sheamus a few weeks back. That was the biggest drop in third hour viewership WWE experienced since going to the three hour format.

    Apathy and indifference is certainly there. You hear it in between the delayed booing and “You still suck,” chants. He isn’t John and he won’t be able to get away with what a superior talent like John was able to. His personality isn’t big enough. He isn’t as charismatic. The fans he needs are the ones sitting in silence while the audience rips into him (which, as evidenced last night, visibly flusters him.) You have your little article now about reactions but I can guarantee you in three months if they decide to put the title on Reigns as the off-brand, generic Cena clone, this piece will be more of an omen than a startling enlightenment you believe yourself to have had.

    • Dorathy

      Very valid points. Thanks for reading, and thanks for this comment. I do enjoy reading differing perspectives – and respect where you are coming from.

  • Jonny

    I stopped reading when u mentioned Eva, but i did go back. I agree and disagree with this. I agree on the point of being top face and heel as these are subjective to the fans watching a certain wrestler.

    However in this situation reigns is being booked and marketed as the good guy or face. So if that is happening and people are shitting you all the time, then its not working and the booking strategy needs to change.

    As it stands right now, this match is heading towards the lesnar/goldberg match treatment

    • Dorathy

      I know, i hated having to use Eva as an example of wrestling, but dare I say; I had to be honest. She wasn’t the inspiration, but that idea got me thinking.

      Thanks for the comment. I respect your point of view.

  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    A sign of things to come…

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ????

    I agree that not everyone doesn’t need to like a person as they’re the face of a wrestling company but you can’t deny the fact that this storyline has become a dud and that the push Roman has been getting has been forced from the beginning. Roman is one hell of an athlete and a hard worker but the most important part of being a wrestler is that he hasn’t been able to connect with the audience. Is it his fault that he hasn’t connected with most of the audience? Not entirely his fault. Vince and creative have had a problem in trying to develop Roman more in my opinion. Vince has final say in who gets to be the guy at the top but the audience and the fan base does too.

  • Joshua Daniel Cooke

    I think WWE needs to start acknowledging the TNA guys they are bringing in and are on the hunt for, as TNA guys (not too long ago they refused to even consider someone from TNA and you were dead to them if you left WWE to TNA). Theu mention japan and roh but not TNA. I feel like I agree with the idea of your article but I dont feel it. I feel that there are people on this roster who have proven they are worthy of being on top (like ziggler for ex. ). WWE is telling the most talented to dumb it down in order to push the less talented. Daniel bryan had that issue all through his wwe career until the fans had enough and made WWE acknowledge his greatness. With Aj Styles (the TNA cena), Samoa Joe, and Austin Aries (the TNA CM punk), around with more coming like Eric Young and Bobby Roode (the longest reigning TNA champion in history). Its almost insulting to have their accomplishments stripped away essentially and have them announced as rookie well known on the indepenent scene. I mean having AJ styles portrayed as a rookie barely beating mid carders and losing against Jericho (which isnt awful but isnt good either as jericho will never hold a WWE championship again and honestly is losing his touch). Tna says WWE all the time on Tv so why cant WWE say TNA. Aj styles/ Cena feud better be happening and fucking inevitable. AJ needs to be WWE world heavyweight champion by this time next year. So much A+ talent being forced to bow to Roman reigns?! give me a fucking break!

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