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Excited For Apollo Crews?

After RAW last week, Sheamus was incensed. The 2015 Money In The Bank winner had failed to so much as qualify for the 2016 match, and took his anger and frustration out on anyone he could, most notably Apollo Crews, while Apollo was being asked about the whole New Era angle.

So, this week on RAW, unless I missed it, Sheamus was a non-factor. Apollo was on, but only in a backstage segment talking to Big Show, riffing on all the different eras and what not.

So are we looking at what may be a rather uninspiring Sheamus/Crews feud? It sure looks that way.

Here’s the thing. In my eyes, this feud wouldn’t hurt either man. But I’m not so sure it helps either man, either. Yes, Sheamus has recently held the WWE title, and has done so on a number of occasions. But he’s not a mega-star, and even as the champion, no one saw him as a main eventer. He’s not really on the level of Rollins, Reigns, Cena et al. It’s true, even if it might be painful. So for Crews, you get to work with a former champion, a decent enough talent, but one who might not figure in the long range planning of WWE. Not that there’s been speculation, mind you. It’s just that Sheamus is so easy to forget.

Which is the part that bugs me. Apollo Crews seems to be a very intriguing talent. Though he never won an NXT title, he’s got the look of a future champion. He’s big, but he’s quick and he’s agile and very fluid. It’s easy to understand why WWE talent evaluators wanted him on the main roster. Which is why I can’t help but wonder if he’d be better off in a different feud. But with who? This is the challenging part, and honestly folks, I am at a loss. I would think put him up against a big guy (like Show) to showcase his power. Put him up against one of the more mobile big men (like Kane, even in decline) to show off how well Apollo moves and handles the big guys. But neither of those examples moves the needle for me either.

I would say, if I were Apollo, depending on what happens after my program with Sheamus, I might be a bit concerned. Because right out of the gate, it feels like Creative doesn’t know what to do with him or how to showcase him. And given his talent, that’s a bit concerning.

I think Crews has a bright future. I just hope Creative maximizes his potential, and it’s not going to be fighting Sheamus.

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  • KingBack

    Apollo will at best be a mid-carder. He has the charisma of a dead fish


      We talking fresh or canned? Tuna or salmon?

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Apollo Crews may be ruined by Vince’s impatience. I imagine Vince, like he has with countless other guys, saw how well put-together he was and said that WWE needed to put a spotlight on him NOW. The in-ring product doesn’t really suffer because Crews can wrestle a bit (although his strange mix of power wrestling and acrobatics may in fact hurt him more than it helps him because it makes it difficult for him to settle into an identity). But Crews really could have benefited from an extra year or two of seasoning down in NXT. Not only did he not get that, but he was also brought up around the same time as fan favorite Sami Zayn, the unique gimmick of the Vaudevillains, and the very memorable Enzo and Cass (you may not like them, but you sure as hell won’t forget them). His getting lost in the shuffle was inevitable, and putting him into a program with Sheamus comes off less as Crews getting a good buildup for a program and more as an excuse to force Sheamus back onscreen.

  • Mike

    Sheamus is one of the most underrated guys in wwe. Not by management but by a lot of fans. He is big guy, he can have a great match with almost anyone, he is technically sound and a great brawler and he is charismatic and pretty good on the mic. Apollo is very fortunate that he is going straight into a fued with a four time wwe champ and a veteran like sheamus. They will put on some great matches.

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Sheamus so so underrated


      The only thing underrated about Sheamus is the strength of sunblock he’s been using. He needs to go stronger,brotjer!

      • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

        Brother have you been rubbing sunblock on Brooke’s legs again


          Brooke is Hulks daughter,my evil brother. That makes me her uncle dude…..So to answer your question……Yes,yes I have….??

          • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn



            Lmao…ah,its gonna be a good day Mikey! Enjoy it my man!


    They shoulda called him Challenger Crews,because he seems to be crashing and burning.

  • cp munk

    I’m perfectly fine with crews vs sheamus. Both guys need work, sheamus hasn’t done much as of late and crews hasn’t been involved in any feuds yet. Once they do there thing this should get the ball rolling to see where crews goes next

  • Si Nicholls

    The brand split can’t come quick enough for Crew’s, someone was always going to get lost in the mix when they promoted to many people from NXT at the same-time. There are a few wrestlers that need the split to get proper tv time again and a decent storyline. If I was WWE I would be considering making SD a 3 hour program as well as R.

  • MEH

    Think creative aka VKM has gone to sleep on Crews. A couple weeks ago he kind of killed off his own gimmick unintentionally by showing respect to Dusty by saying it was Rhodes who gave him his name. That kind of thing is ok to do on a network special or something like that, but to do it on live Raw?? You just told the crowd you’re not real!! It’s all psychology in the wresting world and even in the real world to be honest.

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