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What’s So Extreme About Extreme Rules?

It’s a recent trend within WWE pay-per-views (PPVs) as of late; missing out the theme entirely, just to produce a monthly event. We saw this happen at Payback last month, a PPV set up to further explore and extend feuds, in an effort for retribution; when really the entire card was comprised of new programs, angles, and storylines. Now, sadly, the WWE is missing the point when it comes to Extreme Rules.

This isn’t something new, as the company has lost the true meaning of the Survivor Series over the years, and its four-on-four (or at times, five-on-five) elimination teams, where superstar programs are blurred together in the effort to produce a solid match, and in some cases, help push a talent into the spotlight, by outlasting his competitors. Still, at times I’ve been able to empathize with the WWE and its creative team as it relates to the Survivor Series, it’s not always easy to mesh four or five superstars together, for creative purposes, and produce a match; especially when you are working on a main event program to close the year.

Still, I cannot completely empathize with them when it comes to Extreme Rules.

Creative has a unique opportunity when it comes to this PPV; and can help heighten a match, its entertainment value, and the entire PPV by booking some gimmick bouts under the “extreme” umbrella.

Sure, the Asylum match was just booked for Dean Ambrose and Y2J, not to mention the main event match has been labelled as an extreme rules match (insert applause here), but really, there are other matches booked, that can have some sort of extreme angle to them. While there is a submission stipulation around the women’s match, but could we add an no disqualification rule? Something to add some grit to the ever-evolving women’s division. Perhaps adding a few tables, ladders, and chairs to the WWE Tag Team titles match could enhance the high-flying action to this match as well.

And then there is the fatal four-way Intercontinental bout. Adding a ladder to this match would be far too reminiscent of Wrestlemania 32; but what about a weapon-of-choice stipulation? Then there is always the good old’ ‘Last Man Standing’ stipulation, for the United States Championship match.

Who would be ready to see a First Blood match? It is suppose to be a ‘New Era’ in the WWE.

Regardless, there are a ton of options, for the WWE to choose from. I understand that when the concepts for PPVs are changing and evolving over time, and I also understand that despite being in a ‘New Era’ the WWE Universe still resides in predominantly PG programming. Or perhaps the hold back is the ever-increasing potential of injury in these matches, and WWE’s need to keep the roster healthy and active. Still, I’m not implying that every match should have an extreme rules stipulation, but a couple within the card, would be welcoming.

WNZ fans, what do think? Does WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV lack, extreme, this time around? Leave your comments below!

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  • Zack

    “Hmm this article is pretty good”

    *scrolls up to see the author*

    “Ah it’s Dorathy. Of course lol”

  • That boy Alejandro

    I can already tell which article is yours dorathy without having to click on the article lol no disrespect to the other guys but i truely enjoy reading your articles

  • JFJ

    A submissions match, while not explicitly including the words “No Disqualification” and No count out” in its name is in fact a No DQ, no count out match as the only way to win is to make you opponent submit. In other words, it’s the same as an I quit match except that the submissions math can end on a tap out. In an I Quit match, the submission must be verbal.

    • siddus

      DQ’s are still valid, because rope-breaks are still valid. Submission match basically just means no-pinfalls.

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    A true “Extreme Rules” ppv just won’t work in a PG dynamic.

    Most recent example was Lesnar/Ambrose at Wrestlemania. Horrible match, with a lot of repititon, rudimentary weapon shots, regular high spots…nothing “extreme” about it.

    Even the Shane spot we all knew was coming , and still felt flat. He basically fell off a cage. It had no kind of impact like being tossed from the top or executing a move from the top.

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