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Extreme Rules 2016: 5 Real Losers

The WWE returned to pay per view with Sunday’s Extreme Rules, where a title changed hands and a total of 8 matches were booked. Overall, the three plus hours moved along with some imperfections. Somewhere in that mix of ordinary, five wrestlers left Extreme Rules as real losers.

If you missed it, WrestleNewz has Extreme Rules play by play coverage.

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  • Mike

    Just because the vaudevillians lost one title match, their push is over?
    One loss does not equal the end of a push.

  • Lisa

    Well, Ziggler is always a loser. He’s beyond stale. WWE should release him.

    • Soup

      The only thing he’s ever stolen is Billy Gunn’s finisher and HBK’s look. Def never once stole any show.

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