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Extreme Rules 2016: 5 Things That Should Happen

Extreme Rules is this Sunday and the WWE looks to have part, if not all, of the card complete. This is the time when we use our own knowledge of wrestling to predict some outcomes. Here are 5 things that should happen by the time Extreme Rules concludes.

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  • Si Nicholls

    Or Rusev will win the belt and then get buried as Cena is returning on one of the days Nationalistic feelings can be used in Cena’s favour

  • Jakerams

    Rusev should win and build up a a streak again, Balor and Styles should both be part of “The Club”, and Ric Flair should stay out of the match because Shane/Steph will just come out and strip the title from Charlotte.

  • BooGonk

    For the love of god, Lisnow, stop making stupid errors to make Ravens feel better. Take 20 seconds to proofread your 15 sentences.

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