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Extreme Rules In A Nutshell: Rollins Crashes Party

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s action is fixing to be extreme, as in Extreme Rules, coming to us live from beautiful downtown Newark, NJ.

Best Match of the night:

The fatal fourway, and I didn’t think it would even be close. The main event was a worthy adversary, but when all was said and done, the Intercontinental title match was just good enough to keep it’s award here.

Worst match of the night:

For one night, I am changing this one. It’s not worst of the night, but rather “match whose booking I disliked most”. And I go with the Women’s match here. On one hand, I commend WWE for finding someplace else to stick Dana, but we all knew there was going to be a plan B for the Flairs. And, unlike the last PPV, there wasn’t a quick reaction from the co-GMs, which I found kind of curious. The ending kind of cheapened the match for me.

Crowd Chants of the Night:


We want Lana

New Day rocks.

This is awesome

Sami Zayn

Let’s go Moppy

We want Rollins


You can’t wrestle

Roman sucks

You still suck

AJ Styles/Roman Reigns

Thank you Seth

Star of the Night

I could take this one in a few different directions, as I felt there were a few standout performances, but none that was so blatantly obvious as “best of the night”. Call me crazy, but even in a losing effort, AJ impressed me more.

And, I have to give a nod to Rollins returning, attacking Reigns and sending the fans home somewhat happy.

Spot of the Night:

Kalisto, from in the ring to the outside, with a Hurricanrana on Rusev, sending the Brute head first into the ring steps.

Kalisto’s moonsault from the top rope to the outside

Rusev’s extreme Accolade. Ouch

Big E, taking Aiden English off the apron and to the floor with a fierce looking suicide dive.

Cesaro, flipping all of his competitors off the top rope. Super-duper-plex? Or, the belly to back into exploder, one on one one. Craziness. And I don’t even know how to describe that incredible, highlight, sunset flip powerbomb into pin attempt.

AJ hitting a phenomenal forearm off the pre-show panel’s table.

Reigns delivering a back body drop from one announce table through another.

Or, a powerbomb of AJ through another. That was a vicious bump.

Jobber of the Night:

Jericho, for taking the bump that made him a human pincushion.

Upset of the Night:

Miz, stealing a win and retaining his title when Zayn let emotion take over.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Zayn, with the very first move of the fourway, drills Kevin Owens with a Helluva kick. Then Cesaro, not to be outdone, takes Miz out with his own Euro uppercut.

Ambrose, from the top of the cage, nailing an elbow on Jericho

And, of course, Rollins returning.

Botch of the night:

There was a funky spot between Rusev and Kalisto. Like, Kalisto was supposed to hit Rusev with a kick, but someone wasn’t where they were supposed to be. Things didn’t look super crisp with the Hurricanrana on the outside either, which I chalk up to big guys like Rusev not being the best to work the lucha style.

Commentary of the night:

Nice nod by JBL, to Lex Luger winning his US Title 27 years ago today, starting his record reign.

Byron, if you were on life support I’d pull the plug and charge my iPhone.

Saturn would be proud-Perry Saturn getting some love during the Asylum match, as the mop came into play.

What’s scarier, that Ambrose has them. Or that he knows how to use them?

He is the Energizer Dummy

LOL Moment of the night:

New Day, using some props to make a joke, saying that since they were in the Garden State, they were going to put a couple hoes in the ground.

This is my morbid sense of humor, but everyone was joking about the “ordinary bucket” at the top of the Asylum. Except that a bucket can hold stuff. Like a bag of tumbtacks.

Noteworthy Moment:

Surprised that we did have blood (Cesaro) in the Fatal Fourway. Not surprised that we had it in the Asylum match, but surprised that it was thumbtacks. Nice touch.

And, guess who is back? Word leaked out before the show that Rollins was on site, but it wouldn’t have been the first time a guy was back in the backstage area, but didn’t show face yet. Just that, tonight, Rollins showed up. Though I wish he’d have lost the Pedigree.

Overall lowlights:

Miz retaining. Sorry, but that’s a lowlight as things are moving toward the New Era.

Reigns retaining. At times I liked how this was booked-I was glad to see these two go at it most of the match just one on one, but to see AJ go nuts with the chair but then lose? It sucked. Though, after the match, we see why he lost, since Rollins is back and has Roman in his sights.

Overall highlights:

Anderson and Gallows decimating The Usos

New Day, resilient as ever, pulls out a seemingly unlikely win over The Vaudevillains.

The Asylum match was pretty good.

Fatal fourway. Match of the night.

Seth is back, and he wants his gold.

After the final bell:

I think the Anderson and Gallows booking was predictable-I mentioned an outcome like that earlier in the week. So for the rest of the evening, there’s a lingering doubt that Reigns will have any backup, or how capable they’d be.

Like it or not, WWE booked Rusev right, in this man’s opinion. Kalisto had the US Title for over a hundred days, which no one would have predicted beforehand. But, Rusev has been and is supposed to be a monster heel. So let’s get him back there, or die trying.

That Fatal Fourway did not disappoint, for all intents and purposes. Well, there would be one gripe, and that is that The Miz managed to retain. But outside of that? The match was awesome.

The main event was better than I expected, was booked decently, and gave us back Seth Rollins. If WWE had any hopes of getting Reigns over? They are gone now.

One way I would have changed the main event, however? I would have let the Usos be a little more hurt, and just when it looked like Roman was losing the match, have Rollins’ music hit. Seth saves his former Shield mate, who pins Styles for the win. As Roman gets his arm raised in victory, Rollins unloads. Angle being, Rollins helped Roman win, so that Rollins could beat him for the title. Just my 2 cents.


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  • Anthony Buddy

    You really hate the Miz huh, haha

  • Lisa

    I couldn’t care less about Seth Rollins’ return. Now wait till 5/30/2016 and you’ll see what a real return looks like. The building will EXPLODE.

    • bigfoot3169

      It’ll explode for anyone other than Cena. Cena gets a slightly better reaction than to Reigns, but there will be boos and jeers for both.

    • jeff

      Explode? A bit of a reach? I bet you’ll “mark out”. You’re a tool. Will he get a reaction? Yes.

      • Lisa

        He’ll get a thunderous ovation. I wish JR would be on commentary to call it. It’s going to be huge.

        • jeff

          It won’t be as huge as your belly. I like Cena, but there’s so much more talent on the roster now. Cena can stick with the Bellas and his American Grit show. He’s not missed.

          • Lisa

            Why in hell are you insulting me? Cena is by far the biggest star in WWE. Put up or shut up. Period.

          • jeff

            I’m not insulting you, just stating facts to the Ultimate Troll on here. Have a good day Honey!

          • Lisa

            You are the one that’s trolling, not me. I’m stating facts and for some reason you decide to insult me. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • KingBack

            Cena is coming back to bury Rusev for the….. second time. Wuhuuuuu! ?Cena’s return is not going to be anywhere near as epic as Rollins’ last night

          • Lisa

            Rollins is not even in Cena’s league.

          • KingBack

            Maybe not but that doesn’t mean that his return will be overshadowed by Cena’s next week. Trust me when I say this.. People haven’t missed Cena that much and especially not compared to Rollins.

          • Lisa

            We shall see. When Cena’s music hits on 5/30/2016 the building is going to explode. I can guarantee you that.

          • The Shockmaster

            Explode with “John Cena suuucks, John Cena suuucks” haha

          • Lisa

            How are you doing, Shockmaster?

          • The Shockmaster

            I’m good thanks, how about yourself?

          • Lisa

            I’m doing okay.

          • The Shockmaster

            That’s good :)

          • Lisa

            You enjoyed RAW?

          • The Shockmaster

            Yeah was alright. The Charlotte and Ric segment was awful though – In fact I’d give that a 4/10. Did you enjoy RAW?

          • Lisa

            I’ll take a page out of Bret Hart’s book and give the entire episode a rating of 4/10. Kevin Owens wrestling in the main event made me tune out early. Lol.

          • The Shockmaster

            Haha yes agreed! I’m not a huge fan of Owens, in fact I like his entrance theme more than him :)

          • Lisa

            Do you like Ambrose?

          • The Shockmaster

            Nah not particularly. Do you?

          • Lisa

            I hate Ambrose.

          • The Shockmaster

            Hate is such a strong word! I just dislike certain wrestlers :)

          • Lisa

            I’ve got to be honest here. I can’t stand him. Hes should just turn heel ASAP.

          • The Shockmaster

            I wouldn’t mind that

          • Lisa

            As bad as Ambrose is, he can talk on the mic. He’d do much better as a heel.

          • The Shockmaster

            Do you like his ring attire, or is it time for a change?

          • Lisa

            His ring attire isn’t the best but as a heel it would probably suit him better. He can keep his “Lunatic Fringe” gimmick but she should adopt heel characteristics like attacking face wrestlers and beating them down for no apparent reason. He’s good on the mic and I would expect him to cut better promos as a heel.

          • The Shockmaster


          • Soup

            He can’t throw a basic punch either.

          • Lisa

            Yeah. His punches are terrible.

  • bigfoot3169

    I really didn’t like the fact that AJ goes nuts with the chair to only lose to the Spear. The only redeeming quality is that Seth made his presence felt. I wouldn’t have minded the finish you described, but it makes me curious to the crowd reaction if it went that way.

  • KingBack

    The Asylum match wasn’t really good. Sure it had some nice spots but the crowd was SOOOO dead for it and it went on for too long.

  • The Shockmaster

    Sign of the night:

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’m actually cool with the Miz retaining if KO wasn’t going to take the belt back and feud with Zayn or Cesaro.

    I always like to see a guy win his first title by beating the champion in a one-on-one match. Looks and feels less flukish. My feeling, though, is that they don’t want to do another KO title run that everyone’s seen before, but they’re hesitant to put the title on Cesaro or Zayn because of their recent injury issues. Particularly with Cesaro, who we’ve seen will go out and wrestle hurt and not let anyone know until he can’t move a body part, and then he’s out for several months.

    I’ll be interested in seeing how they book Rollins in the coming weeks. I’ll tell you what, though – I hate the fact that he’s still using the Pedigree as a ‘finisher’. To me, character and storyline should always inform what happens between the ropes. And it makes more sense that a ‘rebuilt’ Rollins, after a six-month layoff and coming back as a de facto babyface (if only because he’s returning from injury and singled out Reigns as his first target), would have innovated a new finisher as opposed to continuing to borrow a finisher from ‘the Authority’ when he’s no longer associated with them, and when the Authority as we know it no longer really exists.

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